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How to get rid of tanning and uneven skin tone

the skin exposure to the sun can cause damage to it. Summer heat can not only dehydrated, but also enjoy the skin moisture, so it is dry and brittle. Our expert gives advice to remove the tan and rectify the uneven skin tone caused by the sun.


tan skin due to sun exposure is quite common and there are some home remedies that can be used to get rid of it. However, keep in mind that there is nothing that can help eliminate one night a tan morning. It will take at least a week.

In order to get rid of your tan, some people opt for the available method harder – can discolor the skin. But in doing so, they cause dryness, burning and darkening. Bleaching also reduces the softness of your skin greatly.

Remedies for removing tan

Soak saffron in milk and cream steep night. Mix this morning with fingers and apply to the affected area. This your tan effectively lightens. It has the added advantage of adding a glow to your skin too. If you also want to disinfect the skin, add a few drops of lemon juice to this mixture.

can also exfoliate the skin to get rid of the dehydrated layer as this will give the illusion that tanning has been lightened. Exfoliation of the skin sheds dead skin cells found in the top layer. This action stimulates cellular growth and regeneration resulting in a clear and a softer tone, even skin.

Another trick to hide your tan is covering it with light makeup. But note that this is only a temporary solution and should be used when it is in a solution and have no other option.

uneven skin tone

Often, They are suffering from uneven skin tone, where some parts are lighter than others. This is due to the overproduction of exposure melanin.Sun may aggravate this condition with harmful UV rays. Here are some ways that can help eliminate the uneven skin tone.


The skin complexion can standardize through the mechanical action of tiny beads. This procedure is known as microdermabrasion. The cleaning action not only acts on the surface, but also cleans and moisturizes the skin.

Chemicals peelings

Chemical peels can be a little intimidating, considering that they can be a little hard when it is not applied correctly. However, under the right conditions, chemical peels can remove stubborn dirt and dry skin with the fresh and rejuvenated appearance with a complexion leveled off.

A word of caution with chemical peels is that you have to better protect themselves from sun exposure because the skin becomes more sensitive after use. Apply the sunscreen that has a broad spectrum and SPF of at least 30. You should also moisturize regularly to do to make your skin gets enough moisture after a chemical peel. A lack thereof can result in outbreaks that may create dark spots.


An aggressive approach to setting the tone uneven skin is through laser therapy. It basically works the same way as its other treatments hyperpigmentation -. When removing the outer layer of dead and dry cells revealing a smoother skin beneath

The advantage of laser therapy is that it acts more precisely in problem areas. There are different types of laser treatment, and the good thing is that the instrument can be specifically programmed by the doctor for a therapeutic dose of laser energy.


The use of sunscreen every days will significantly cut the accumulated sun damage. Loaded with antioxidants, both topically and internally to avoid uneven skin tone. To nourish the skin internally, drink three to four liters of water a day, eat fruits rich in vitamins and minerals such as citrus fruits, melons, moisturize and largely at night.

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