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How to Get Rid of Stomach Gas Naturally at Home

Have you ever been caught in a situation where they were in the middle of the person you wanted to impress , but had to pass gas or burp immediately? No doubt he was trying to avoid right? Almost everyone had been a suffocating situation. Although it may seem embarrassing, however, it is just a normal phenomenon that can affect some people occasionally.

stomach gas is the main reason behind the occurrence of such a situation. This occurs because our bodies get a significant amount of gas as a result of the food we eat, the air we breathe and the drinks we drink. Today, there is a significant increase in stomach gas due to changes in lifestyle, such as the type of food that people eat and sedentary for some people.

Normally, people can make the right amount of gas, but when there are influences of various factors, either externally or internally, gas accumulation becomes excessive, and allowing the gas to remain in the stomach for some time. Passing the gas, or more commonly known as flatus is the easiest way to eliminate stomach gas, but when gas production exceeds the reasonable amount, which can lead to pain and some unpleasant situations.

indigestion problems or eating some foods in particular can lead to the accumulation of gases in the stomach trapped in the intestine. To resolve this condition, it is possible to reach some home remedies available that have been shown to help relieve discomfort due to an accumulation of gas in the stomach.

What makes the stomach gas

The accumulation of gases in the stomach in the abdominal area can lead to gas pains in the chest. Gas pains can lead to discomfort; therefore, it is imperative to cure this condition perfectly knowing some of the possible causes of gas pains in the first place. Here are some of them.

√ For those of you who love carbonated drinks such as soft drinks his beer, it is necessary to reconsider to reduce intake, as it may cause the formation of excessive gas in the stomach.
√ Undigested food accumulates in the colon and fermented by bacteria in this area, the fermentation process causes the gas to accumulate.
√ Certain types of foods, such as foods rich in fiber are often difficult to digest, causing an accumulation of gas over time.
√ the problem of constipation can lead to an accumulation of gas and bloating.
√ If you have any allergies or food intolerances, you can favor the accumulation of gas in the stomach.
√ Reduce habit swallowed while eating, because it can lead to an accumulation of gas in the stomach.
√ Avoid the habit of eating too quickly, as it can trigger a stack gases in the stomach and reduce the quality of your overall health.
√ fresh vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, onions and cabbages have the potential to cause flatulence.

That was one of the causes of the accumulation of gases in the stomach, some of them come from our food while others because of our eating and drinking habits.

What are the symptoms of stomach gas

The gas stomach may indicate a group of symptoms the same way as other medical problems, once you know the symptoms, it is easier for you to get treatment for sore gas. Here are some of them.

▪ Have abdominal pain, which makes the stomach feel tightness, and this is the most common symptoms of stomach gas.
▪ The stomach feels bloating and frequent belching occurs.
▪ Loss of appetite for food.
• passing the gas exceeding normal.
▪ Have chest pain, although this symptom may indicate a serious condition, however, it is one of the symptoms of stomach gas.

Normally, gas pain is not a serious disease and easily transmitted. However, some diseases like appendicitis, gallstones, diseases of the stomach and cause pain in the chest like. Therefore, we must determine the underlying cause of gas pains. If the gas accumulates frequently stomach, it may indicate a more serious illness.

The elimination of excess accumulation of gases in the stomach is not a daunting task. There are many proven methods to reduce gas pains and stomach gas treating time. You can find some of the most common and efficient ways of subsequent explanations.

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1. Take Lie Down Position

When you are attacked by discomfort as a result of excess accumulation of gases in the stomach, all you have to do is:

  • Lie down for a few moments while increasing the position of the head.
  • remain in that position until the relief of discomfort in the stomach feel.

2. Take some positions to reduce the gas in the stomach

Some of the following positions proved very useful in removing gas from the digestive system.

  • kneel on the head and let the buttocks up. With the position of the head is down, this allows the gas removed from his stomach.
  • lie down and breathe in slowly and simultaneously press the legs into the stomach, forcing the gas out while exhaling.
  • When you consider making routines, make sure your stomach is empty of any food and drinks.

3. Exercise regularly

Regular exercise is very useful to improve overall health, including digestive system to work efficiently and quickly. It also helps reduce excess gas in the stomach.

  • If you do not like or do not have time to exercise, just walk at least thirty minutes a day is also a great help for the digestive system.
  • The realization of physical activity during the day is highly recommended, and never spend much time at the computer.

3. Eat slowly

eat slowly may provide an opportunity for the digestive system work more efficiently, thus the accumulation of gases in the stomach can be reduced.

  • has been medically proven to prevent entry of air into the stomach potentially it causes gas.
  • Chewing food properly and carefully, is very useful in preventing the formation of gas in the intestines.

4. Reduce carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks such as soda and beer, known as the common causes of stomach gas. Reduce your intake to reduce gas well. When you drink this drink, which can lead to:

  • The increased accumulation of gas which leads to a lot of discomfort.
  • Such beverage intake also increases the potential for chest pain.

5. Managing Stress

Stress is the most common cause of health disorders. You can not avoid stress, but it must be reduced to prevent digestive problems.

  • is a good idea to reduce stress by finding the underlying cause of stress.
  • Managing stress by running the silence as meditation or yoga can also be very useful.

6. Reduce intake of certain foods

Certain foods are known to cause gas formation in the stomach, you can look in the preceding paragraph.

  • The foods difficult to digest may increase the possibility of accumulation of gas pains in the digestive tract.
  • Reducing these foods to minimize the risk of an accumulation of gas in the stomach.

7. Apply heating pad

Heat can cause your stomach muscles to relax and ease the pain of the accumulation of gases in the intestines.

  • The use of a heating pad on the abdomen can help in this problem. Be sure to use layer protective clothing to avoid any possible burning.
  • Take a hot bath whenever you have free time is a big help too. It offers a similar effect with a heating pad.

home remedies for stomach gas

You can apply some quick and efficient ways before, when you are in the condition of gas pains. Regardless of these methods, additional home remedies required to prevent recurrence of symptoms.

I. Drinking adequate water

Water is the source of all goodness for healthy living. healthy water intake can help cure gas pains that accumulate in the stomach.

ingredients you need:


  1. Adding fluid intake in the body can help to remove undigested food from the colon out of the body.
  2. The consumption of high-fiber foods also require large water consumption to push the particles of undigested food away from the colon and prevent the formation of gas.

II. Drinking ginger tea

Ginger is very useful to solve many health problems. Also a delicious option to improve digestive problems and eliminate the accumulation of gases in the stomach, as it has excellent anti-inflammatory properties.

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ingredients you need:


  1. Peeling off a slice of raw ginger, wash and add to your food, or you can chew directly.
  2. If you do not like the taste of raw ginger, simply crush a few slices of ginger and put it in a glass of boiling water.
  3. Wait 5 minutes, add a little honey and drink while hot.

Note “ This method is a great relief to end the accumulation of gases in the stomach.

III. Lemon and honey

Lemon is rich in citric acid that helps reduce stomach gas problems. It has been shown to help break down food in the intestine that cause gas accumulation. While honey works as an anti-inflammatory that reduces pain in the abdomen, and the reduction of unwanted fat in your body areas.

ingredients you need:

  • hot water – a glass
  • Lemon juice -.. . ½ tablespoon
  • Honey – a tablespoon


  1. Mix the hot water, honey and lemon after initial dose.
  2. Stir well and drink regularly, especially after waking in the morning to help reduce the problem of gas pains.

IV. Drinking tea

Hot drinks such as tea chamomile and mint tea are very useful for solving the problem of gases in the stomach. They are known as pain relief agents, which help to relieve various symptoms of pain, including the pain of gas.

ingredients you need:

  • Hot water – a cup
  • Chamomile tea -.. A tea bag
  • mint tea -. A tea bag


  1. Put the bag of chamomile tea or peppermint, either in a glass of hot water. Leave it on for five minutes and add a tablespoon of honey.
  2. drink it regularly to help the digestive process to work effectively.

Eat yogurt V.

yogurt brings all the goodness of beneficial bacteria for digestive health, which contains probiotics that have been shown to help fight bad bacteria in the digestive tract . Take regular yogurt can alleviate the accumulation of gases in the stomach also.

ingredients you need:


  1. Consume 1-2 cups of yogurt daily for stabilize digestion and relieve gas pains.
  2. If you liked the taste of sweet, just add fresh fruit yogurt is better than eating flavored yogurt.

VI. Eating papaya

Papaya contains the enzyme papain, which is very useful for improving the digestion process. Eating papaya on a regular basis can prevent a pile of gases in the stomach like papaya helps the digestive system work more efficiently.

ingredients you need:


  1. Take a fresh papaya, peel and cut into several slices medians.
  2. Eating papaya slices a day before breakfast or late afternoon to help digestion and the process of removing the accumulation of gases in the stomach.
  3. You can eat fresh papaya or make it as a mix of smoothies.

VII. Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate is dissolved in water and can be easily absorbed by the intestine. It helps eliminate the effect of undigested food, such as sodium bicarbonate stimulates belching when mixed with water, which reduces excess gas in the stomach causing chest pain.

ingredients you need:

  • Sodium bicarbonate -. ½ to 1 teaspoon
  • Hot water -. ½ cup


  1. Place the baking soda in warm water and mix evenly to completely dissolve.
  2. Drink this solution once every four hours or depending on the severity of their condition.
  3. Apply the solution only for adults and should not exceed 5 teaspoons a day.

Once the digestive system to function efficiently, the accumulation of gases in the stomach can be decreased. Simply taking natural remedies above, you do not have to resort to medical treatment, and also provide a similar effect to get relief from excessive gas formation in the stomach with no side effects.

There are many reasons behind the formation of gases in the stomach. Not only cause discomfort but may lead to any pain in the chest and stomach pain if not treated. Try one of the indicated treatments and apply one that works best for your stomach gas problems.

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