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How to Get Rid Of Stains From Carpet | Remove Stains From Carpet

it is said that even the moon is also having stain on its periphery. And stainless steel never allows stains on its surface that is the reason everyone likes to use utensils made of stainless steel. The word stain form an uncomfortable word that is not at all liked by anyone. You never want to wear clothes if there is room in it. Stains on the house floor, walls, kitchen and furniture are intolerable. Still smearing is a natural phenomenon. We have children who unknowingly cold drinks, coffee or tea spilled and even chewing gum. Even this can happen for the elderly. When there are stains on your expensive carpet, then definitely you look bad and panic to get it. You may find it difficult to remove stains from coffee or tea stains from the carpet, but now is not that big problem. You can do all things clean easily using simple things you get at home. Here we are talking about some very useful ingredients easily available at home that can help greatly to get eliminates all types of carpet stain your

How to Get Rid Of Stains From Carpet

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Vinegar is an effective solution to remove stains from the carpet. You can use many home remedies made using vinegar to remove any stains. If you are concerned the coffee and tea stains, you can get them by mixing equal parts of vinegar and water. Spray the stain and then blot the stain hard and will get rid of it.

ice cubes

If in the case, chewing gum sticking on the fiber of your favorite rug then try to freeze the gum by using ice cubes and then with help scrape butter knife. And after that, erases trichlorethylene, a dry cleaning fluid.

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You must be finding it difficult to get rid of stains on your carpet due to coffee and tea. Believe it or not, beer has other benefits more than a drinking simple. Beer is poured into the stain and rub well there and you will find stained has disappeared. Repeat all a process or twice for best results.

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Shaving Cream

Shaving cream also works wonders when orange juice stains, oil stains or grease spots bothering you. Put some shaving cream on the carpet stain and then steal off with a sponge and then wipe with a paper towel. You will find that shaving cream is effective in removing all types of greasy and oily stains are difficult to remove from your carpet.

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Imagine if your beautiful white carpet stain for red wine. Do not be disappointed, immediately pour white wine on the stain, this will reduce the red color of red wine. Clean the site with a sponge and water. Now go make magic, just sprinkle some salt on the stain and leave for 10 minutes and then vacuum thoroughly and stain faded.


Another ingredient is ammonia, which also works wonders in removing stains from the carpet. Make a solution of one cup of ammonia with two liters of warm water. Rub the solution well to stains and let dry. You can also repeat the same if necessary.


Cornstarch is readily available in the kitchen. Make a good pasta milk and cornstarch. If you have any ink stain on your carpet and then this corn starch paste will do their work. Rub the paste on the stain and leave for several hours and then vacuum very well. In addition to the inkblots of corn starch it is also a good remedy to remove grease stains or oil.

Meat tenderizer

Blood stains on your carpet can also be removed from your carpet. Put the same amount of meat tenderizer and cold water and let this dry for half an hour after I get along very well with the sponge. You will see the bloodstains that have left your carpet.

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Hydrogen peroxide

Sometimes it happens that you it is not able to identify the stains from your carpet, in that case, do not worry. unidentified stains can be removed with the help of hydrogen peroxide to a mixture of one teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide made with cream of tartar. Mix well and make a paste out of it. With the help of a cloth rub the paste on the stain and rinse. All unidentified stain is gone.

Sodium Bicarbonate

Stains can be of any type on your carpet like vomit stains urine. You can get rid of them easily with the help of sodium bicarbonate. Simply pour the soda and let it dry and after the vacuum of the stain. Sodium bicarbonate is completely clean, purify and leave a fragrance in the end. Even grease stains can be removed with baking soda and salt mixture. Let dry and vacuum the whole place.

Club Soda

Sparkling water is much more affective to get rid of stubborn stains. Even works great in tea or coffee stains on the carpet. Pour the soda on the stain and let it dry and then wipe it with a sponge area.

Baby Wipes

Most of the spots and stains are easily removed with the help of baby wipes. These wipes have effective quality to absorb any stains on the carpet. Just wipe immediately anything is seen as spot or stain on the carpet.


Sprinkle borax into the stain on your carpet, allow it to dry thoroughly and then vacuum well. You can repeat the same process if necessary.

Dry cleaning liquid

Any type of stains like butter, lipsticks, oil or fat can be easily removed by dry cleaning fluid. With the help of a paper towel just end up with additional spots and then this liquid will work to remove the stain.

Try these home remedies to get rid of any kind of stains on your carpet . Undoubtedly, you will get the desired results.

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