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How To Get Rid Of Spiders At Home With Easy Methods

Spiders are irritating insects are developing and thread web structures around the roof and the walls of the house. Spiders are found in the outer area of ​​the house as well as inside. They enter the house in search of food and a hidden place for shelter. People are often afraid to see a spider at home. Just seeing a spider makes people scream and shout for fear. Some types of spiders can be dangerous for humans. A spider bite can be very harmful to humans so it is best to avoid pests living in your home. There are many ways to protect your home from these unwanted and unpleasant pests. If you see the spider crawling on the walls, it is a sign that it is necessary to take measures to combat this problem. Web spiders and can be removed easily using a few simple techniques. We will discuss these methods and explain the easy way to remove spiders.

How To Get Rid Of Spiders How to get rid of spiders

Here are some easy ways on how to get rid of spiders at home are presented,

keep the house clean

you can prevent spiders to keep the house clean. Remove the cobwebs at regular intervals. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and debris from the area behind the chairs, beds and sofas. Use a long stick for removing cobwebs from ceilings and corners of each room in your home.

Open House seal


spiders enter the house through openings such as cracks. Therefore, the first step to get rid of spiders is to close all open areas of the spider comes into the house. Seal the holes in your home. Seal the open areas of windows and doors. Mesh repair faulty windows. Place the insect screen vents in the kitchen. Seal the open area of ​​the chimney. If there is any opening near wires and cables enter the house, you should seal that too. all the possibilities of entering the house spider is canceled.

Do not use lights outdoors

All insects such as spiders are attracted to bright light. Exterior Lights on the house means that you are inviting spiders at home. You can prevent spiders from entering the house, keeping outdoor lights out. If you still want to use outdoor lights, replace regular light bulbs with sodium. These lights emit yellow. The yellow light does not attract spiders so much. Therefore, use the yellow lights or turn off the lights for best results.

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Use white vinegar

White vinegar contains high amounts of acid, which helps repel and kill the spiders. Make a solution of vinegar by mixing this water with it. Mix well. the solution in the spray bottle is poured. Use the spray solution open areas such as cracks and holes. Apply the vinegar solution in places that the spider can come inside the house.

Using Insecticides

can prevent and control spiders in your home by using insecticides. It is beneficial to spray insecticide dust in open areas of the house where a spider can possibly hide. The chemical helps kill spiders. It has a long lasting effect. The insecticide can repel insects for 6 months when not removed by any means. Therefore, the use of insecticides in areas infested liberally by spiders.

Plants departure from the House

spiders often hide in plants and trees growing near the house. These pests are attracted to the greenery of plants. When a spider needs food, tries to enter the house plants. Therefore, you should always keep house plants and not near him. It is beneficial to transplant shrubs and other small at some distance from the house plants. Make sure no mulch and leaves in the area near your front door and the house edge.

Clean the garage

The garage is another common place where spiders can hide. Keep clean the garage if you want to prevent pests in this area. Remove the juke boxes for the spider can not hide under it. Keep garage clutter-free by removing all unwanted things lying here. Remove dirt with a vacuum cleaner. Remove the insects and their eggs from the garage. Closing open areas of this area of ​​holes and sealing cracks. It will help in preventing spiders hide in the garage.

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Use traps Spider

The use of a spider trap helps in capturing and catch spiders and prevent the structures are formed in strip form. The trap consists of the queue in which it is attracted and attached to the spider. In this way, we can catch spiders. Some types of spider traps also help in catching silver fish and this is an added benefit of using a spider trap. Install spider traps near open areas of your home as holes, windows and doors.

Use baking soda

Sodium bicarbonate has an odor and unpleasant smell, which helps repel spiders. Apply powder baking soda in all open areas of the house as holes, cracks, windows and cracks. Sprinkle the powder again after three days. It is a natural way to keep spiders out of your home.

Use peppermint oil


essential peppermint is a natural spider repellent. Use it to prevent the entry of spider inside the house. Mix the oil with the small amount of vinegar and water. Mix well and spray the solution on windows and other areas of the spider which can come inside. Apply the solution on the doors, open areas and the entrance area of ​​your house.

Using tea tree oil

You can also use tea tree oil to repel spiders in your home. Make a solution of this oil mixed with warm water and a small amount of liquid soap. Mix well and mix well. It is beneficial to mix some white vinegar to the solution. Fill the solution into the spray bottle. Vacuum cleaning the house and remove all dirt and dust. Use this oil and vinegar spray for windows, doors, cracks and other open areas of the spider can come inside the house solution.

Use chestnuts and apples coverage

is easy to repel spiders from entering the house by using chestnuts and apples coverage. Place these foods in the windows and the front door of his house. Both chestnuts and apples coverage helps repel spiders.

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