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How to get rid of slugs: wet weather to cause slugs to rise: this is how to keep them away

Homeowners face an invasion of slugs in the UK thanks to the rainy weather. Certis crop protection specialist issued a red alert on Wednesday in his SlugWatch application for farmers. This means that there will be high levels of slugs in gardens and homes this week. However, slugs that ruin your garden is not an inevitable conclusion: this is what you should do to prevent and get rid of them, according to Rentokil pest experts.


Incredibly, slugs enjoy the smell of beer, making it a great bait for a trap.

Rentokil said: “Half buries a cup in the ground near your plants and the other half fills it with beer. Tempted by the smell of beer, slugs will fall into the cup.

Copper tape

It is believed that metal is a natural repellent for slugs, since the slime or mucus they secrete reacts with it to produce a small electric shock.

Rentokil said: "Place copper tape around the edge of the pots so that it acts as a deterrent to slugs."


Slugs prefer not to move through sharp objects, so broken eggshells are an excellent natural way to deter them. However, although they will avoid sharp edges, they can still move over them if necessary.

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Rentokil said: "Break the empty egg shells into small pieces (ish) and place them around the flowers, plants, vegetables and fruits that you want to keep safe from slug damage."

Walnut shells

In a vein similar to egg shells, nut shells deter slugs thanks to sharp edges.

Rentokil said: “Break the nutshells into small pieces and create a protective barrier around your plants. Slugs that approach their vegetables will soon turn to the other side. ”

Petroleum jelly

This is a good solution for potted plants, since it makes it difficult for slugs to adhere to the surface of the pot.

Rentokil said: "Apply this jelly on a band around the edge of your pots, containers and even the stems of your plants with petroleum jelly. The application of steam also works similarly."


Slugs hate coffee, although ground coffee beans, not instant coffee granules, are the way to go.

Rentokil said: “Sprinkle ground coffee around your plants. Fresh coffee is more effective than instant coffee. In addition, the higher the caffeine content, the more effective the solution will be. "


Citrus is another flavor that slugs adore, making it perfect for a trap.

Rentokil said: “Place a pair of empty grapefruit peels upside down on the ground, making sure there is enough free space for a bullet to enter. Grapefruit peel provides slugs with food and a moist environment to hide. Leave overnight and discard slugs trapped in the morning.

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The high salt content in fresh and powdered algae is a deterrent to slugs.

Rentokil said: "Place the algae (or sprinkle if you use the powdered form) around the plants you want to protect."


There are certain plans that repel slugs, so planting them around your garden could keep you slug free.

Rentokil said: “Living Green suggests that wormwood, rue, fennel, anise and rosemary are the best slug repellent plants. Plant these among your flowers, fruits and vegetables to help prevent slug damage. "


There are many natural slug predators, so encouraging them to your garden could help. Hedgehogs, birds, beetles, frogs and toads will eat slugs.

Rentokil said: "Make your backyard more attractive to these animals by building a pig shelter, installing a pond and / or installing bird feeders."

Source: https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/garden/1190917/slugs-how-to-get-rid-of-slug-in-house-garden-wet-weather

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