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How to get rid of silverfish in your home

Insects are never welcome, but there is something about detecting a silver fish that makes your skin stand up. These small silver insects have flat and flaky bodies, allowing them to easily slide through the cracks.

If you suddenly have a silverfish problem in your hands, TODAY Home consulted professionals to find out why they enter, how to get rid of them and how to prevent them from reappearing.

Silverfish are common inside houses because they can easily slide through the cracks. fake images

Why do I have silverfish in my house?

Finding some street bugs at home is totally normal, but when you start to notice them more frequently, you can start asking yourself: why do creepy crawlers suddenly come in? In the case of silverfish, they are often attracted to wetlands.

"In nature, they are usually found under leaf litter and in caves or similar areas. They usually enter homes through cracks and crevices at ground level and are attracted to cool, wet areas such as basements. "said Chelle Hartzer, board certified. Entomologist and technical services manager for Orkin.

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Silverfish need a lot of moisture to survive and prefer warm, dark places. As a result, they usually meet in the bathroom, kitchen, laundry and garage.

"They also eat carbohydrates and proteins, so materials such as flour, cardboard boxes, magazines, books, newspapers, dead insects, dead skin cells and some types of fungi," said John M. Kauffman, technical services manager at Terminix

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Silverfish generally like wet and damp areas. fake images

Is it bad to have silverfish?

Fortunately, silverfish are mostly harmless, unless you are an avid reader.

"Silverfish do not transmit any disease that is relevant to people. They are herbivores and when they are inside, they usually feed on starchy items, such as bookbinding of old books, paper products and other old items with mold. They can damage books , cardboard and other similar items, but food damage is usually secondary to moisture problems that have opened the food source, "Hartzer said.

It is not known that these annoying insects bite humans, but as they move and shed, their scales can mix with dust and potentially trigger allergic reactions in some people. They can also contaminate food and stain clothes.

You can get rid of silverfish forever!fake images

How to get rid of silverfish?

Silverfish rarely accumulates to infestation levels, and you can keep them away with your usual cleaning routine.

Break the void: "Vacuum the carpet, floors and upholstered furniture regularly to help keep silverfish at bay. Vacuuming helps eliminate these pests and the eggs they may have laid. Be sure to empty the vacuum outside to help prevent insects enter your home, "Kauffman said.
Check your humidity levels: Are you looking for another natural way to kill silverfish? Try drying your house with a dehumidifier. It will deter silverfish since they love wet areas!
Does salt kill silverfish? Many DIY hacks believe that salt is a panacea to eliminate silverfish, and although it can occasionally help your cause, it is not a perfect method. In addition, sprinkling salt throughout the house can cause great disorder and potentially attract other insects. "While some suggest using salt to kill silverfish, it is not recommended," Kauffman said.
Call the professionals: If your problem with the silverfish persists, you can always consult a local pest control professional to help you identify potential sources and help prevent future infestations.
It is known that silverfish like old books.fake images

How to keep silverfish away?

If you hope to keep silverfish away, there are some prevention methods to help keep them from coming back.

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Create a barrier: "Seal the openings that can let them in, such as broken door seals, basement windows that are not fully tightened, and other openings at ground level, "Hartzer said.
Control your humidity level: "To help keep silverfish away, you should eliminate the things that attract them or let them in. Reduce moisture by repairing leaks and eliminating sources of standing water or condensation," Kauffman said.
Maintain your cleaning routine: Despite our best efforts, insects sometimes come in, but vacuuming regularly can help keep silverfish at bay.

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