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How to Get Rid of Razor Burn Fast

Razor burn for men can be a daily threat, as shave almost every day! But if razor burn is thought to be limited only to men, you should correct their deeds. Women also suffer from razor burns, thanks to his desire century to have unwanted across the smooth skin and no hair!

razor seems the fastest and the most profitable for them environment, especially in the season, when they simply can not resist wear a bathing suit. And therefore not only suffer from razor burn on the legs and underarms, but also in areas bikini line. On the other hand, most men get skin erosion in the neck area due to hasty and inappropriate ways razor. We will discuss how to get rid of razor burn fast so your skin stays soft. While many burns remedies razor given here are similar in effect for men and women, some are exclusively for men, especially those related to preventing razor burns on his neck and face (as obviously! After all, women face and neck do not shave!) But before continuing, to know how to treat skin erosion, we will know what it is!

What is a Razor Burn?

skin erosion can be defined as a red or pink rash, sometimes have bumps on the skin. These eruptions, with or without bumps appear aftershave and therefore burn name razor. If your skin starts to have a burning sensation after using the razor blade in a couple of minutes, you have a razor burn. Sometimes itching begins right after applying water to the area. If you wonder why you put the skin sometimes with razor burn, here is the answer. razor bumps hair growing inward are actually leads to inflammation of the skin surrounding the area where he shaves. His hair curls and flush skin. Your immune system takes it as a foreign object and triggers an immune response that causes swelling and redness of the skin is called razor bump.

Causes of Razor Burn

There are many causes for a shave.

  • Using soap or a shaving cream that does not suit your skin.
  • Do not use soap or shaving cream or something else to help your razor glide over the surface of the skin gently.
  • Using a blunt blade in the razor.
  • Pressing too hard skin while shaving.

Now if you think it is easier to prevent razor burn given the causes just read, you are right. Let us know how.

Preventing Razor Burn?

The use of suitable ingredients that are friendly to the skin and shaving the right way can prevent skin erosion. Here are some tips on how to avoid skin erosion.

1. Shave after a shower

When they are soft, they are capable of remove unwanted hair easily . His hair is naturally smooth after taking a shower. You can consider using the razor at this time. This is equally true for the beard of men. After a shower or a hot steam, beard hair up.unwanted


2. Soften the hair

If shaving after a shower does not suit you, there are other ways to soften the hair. Men can rub some hair conditioner on your beard. Then leave for a few minutes before rinsing with warm water. You will find your beard soft enough to avoid razor burn when shaving. Women, on the other hand, can use a shaving gel or cream, made for them by several companies. But before buying one, go through the list of ingredients and avoid those that contain certain ingredients that you are allergic. After applying shaving gel or cream, wait a few minutes. Then shave using the razor in small, clean movements.

3. Exfoliate to prevent razor bumps

This advice is especially for men who face the problem of skin erosion potholes full in the face. Use a facial scrub or sponge to rub the skin gently. This will remove dead skin cells and bring potential ingrown hairs that give razor bumps, out of hiding. If you are a woman and have a burning knife blow to the legs or hands, you can also exfoliate with a scrub.

4. Men should wear shaving brush

If the causes of skin erosion given earlier in this article, one that did not say they remember that the use of suitable material that makes your razor glide gently through the skin. If you have been using shaving cream, gel or foam, etc., and then also get razor burn, think about it. The application of these things using fingers not working properly. Use a shaving brush to lather up his beard. Badger brush works well because it helps shaving cream there under every mustache. This gives a better shave, smoother skin without erosion.

5. Always use a sharp

A shaving razor with a blade soft high performance is what you need to prevent skin erosion. Razors those exhibiting less than the blade edge during shaving are softer. a blade sharp razor is also needed to prevent skin erosion in the neck, which is one of the very sensitive areas. Why a sharp blade? Because we must effectively cut hair and do not want to create friction and tears in his whiskers. Imagine a dull knife cutting a plant and how it ends vegetables tearing rather than cutting out well! The same happens when a dull blunt blade in your razor is used. This hair is not cut, but tear down the hair to be followed by irritation and razor burn.

6. Shaving the thread to avoid Razor Burn

In an attempt to get a closer shave and smoother shave, sometimes men shave against the direction in which it grows ss hair. This can cause skin erosion and also bump by increasing the chances of ingrown hairs. Therefore, to prevent skin erosion face, shaving with the grain, in the direction of hair growth. Indeed, when this is done, you will not be able to remove the beard in one pass, but that’s the price you pay to prevent skin erosion. Just swipe your razor again and it’ll take a minute or two longer than usual. It is better to spend a little more time while shaving to suffer from razor burn!
Women should also shave in the same direction as hair growth. When you shave your legs, thighs start moving on foot, not up. Sometimes women suffering from hirsutism or excessive body hair growth, they also have to shave your face to get rid of unwanted facial hair. These women need to know that facial hair generally grows downward toward the neck. Therefore, they must shave in downward strokes in quick, short strokes when removing facial hair to prevent razor burn on his neck and face.

7. Shave in short, quick strokes

This is to avoid too much pressure on the skin, as it is one of the main causes behind razor burn. The weight of the razor is enough to cut the hair and extra pressure to do so is not necessary. When short rapid strokes is used, applying too much pressure is avoided. Avoid pressure means you can successfully avoid razor burn too.

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8. Clean the razor after each stroke

whenever a pass that gives a blow with his razor, his blade is made collects pieces of hair and shaving cream or gel, or what is there. Next time, when you will glide your razor to the skin, it will not be able to cut hair so efficiently because of the things collected there. It will become as good as a non-cutting blade without blunt edge, but drags the hair that gives the skin erosion. Therefore, it is necessary that the blade after each stroke rinse.

9. Rinse with cold water after shaving with razor

This will help close the pores of the skin which opened during the process. Once the pores are closed, it becomes quite difficult for the hair to curl back into the skin. Therefore, you are safe from ingrown hairs and razor bumps resulting and burns.

10. Apply moisturizer after shaving to avoid Razor Burn

When he shaves, the top layer of skin is removed as well, along with hair on it. Applying moisturizer desired to provide a great skin loses its moisture due to drying soaps and gels relief. In fact, it is best to use a moisturizing shaving gel instead of soap while shaving. In any case, the application of a moisturizer not only soothes the skin that has gone through hard metal razor, but also relieves razor burn if any.

11. Dry razor after shaving

This helps prevent your razor to get bored. Immediately after shaving, drying the sheet with a clean towel. In this way, it will remain strong for the next use. If you are a man and used shaving brush, it is necessary to dry well. Hang or leave it somewhere where it gets a little air to dry. A wet brush can be a breeding ground for bacteria that can give you many skin infections next time when you shave with it.

How to prevent razor burns on his neck?

This is the question usually asked by men who suffer from skin erosion neck quite often. If I had read the tips on how to prevent skin erosion in the previous paragraph, which knows how to avoid them in the neck as well. However, here are some quick tips to help men avoid skin erosion in the neck.

  1. Prepare the neck during shaving too- While you wash your face and apply shaving gel or cream there, do not forget your neck. Wash the neck along with the face and while shaving cream is applied, do not forget to bring your brush down to the end of your neck so that all the hair can not lathered well. Rub the neck too, along with the face to prevent ingrown hairs.
  2. Apply oil before shaving neck Some people find useful oils before shaving to reduce irritation in the neck after shaving. After wetting the face and neck, apply the oil. Apply shaving cream after applying the oil.
  3. Use cold water Because the skin of her neck is very sensitive, hot water can set the open pores or affect other harmful ways. Use cold water for shaving can prevent razor burn on his neck.
  4. Use a sharp blade- they remain crucial to all areas, including the neck. If you use sheet roma, risk your neck sensitive area to get a razor burns easily increases.
  5. No Øver- stretch neck skin-Even if your neck is not a flat area, do not tilt your head up and pull the skin of his neck too. You may, in fact, lean forward and tilt your head back. Only slightly. Then use shorter strokes to cover flatter areas.
  6. shave with the grain- Run your razor with the grain of the beard. When you shave in the direction in which the hair, you might not get too close a shave grows. However, closer shave usually lead to hair curling back into the skin and lead to razor bumps.
  7. do not put pressure on his neck This has been already stressed. The pressure in any area, including the neck, while shaving will give the skin erosion. Therefore, no pressure. Use short, quick movements to avoid pressure.
  8. Clean neck thoroughly after shaving- You can rinse the neck properly with cold water. You can use witch hazel on a cotton ball to clean the neck after shaving, followed by a rinse with cold water. This will remove all the pieces of hair mousse or remaining in the neck that may otherwise stuck in the curves of the neck and lead to ingrown hairs. Witch hazel is also a mild astringent that will help close the pores of the skin properly.

These were all to prevent skin erosion. Now let’s move on to know the relief razor recording with the help of a particular razor burn treatment can be done at home with the help of common ingredients.

How to Get Rid of Razor Burn

Prevention is one thing and another cure. While preventing skin erosion is always the best policy, you also need to know what to do if you get razor burn! These remedies soothe razor burn sure skin erosion and give relief from these rash and bumps.

Use cold compress to get rid of Razor Burn Fast

Wherever there burning sensation, a cold compress works as a magic. Nothing soothes the skin erosion as a cold compress does. Brings immediate relief from the burning sensation and calms the area by reducing inflammation.

get this:

  • Ice cubes or ice cold water
  • towel or wash cloth

Do the following:

  • Take ice cubes and wrapped in the towel to cool his napkin.
  • Place this cold compress on razor burn to get relief.
  • keep it there for a few minutes.
  • Alternatively, soak the cloth wash in cold water and drain excess water.
  • bend and over the area of ​​the burning of shaving rash.
  • remove it after a couple of minutes, again soak in cold water and place it on the skin erosion.
  • Click these to get relief from razor burn.

You can repeat several times a day.

honey-cider vinegar to get rid of Razor Burn

Honey is very popular for its antibacterial properties and also for its moisturizing and soothing properties, as well as healing. When applied to razor burn and bumps, honey can treat them excellently.
Apple cider vinegar has anti-inflammatory properties and is also well cools your skin. When used so much, honey and apple cider vinegar together, you can expect to get rid of razor burns quickly.

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get this:

  • Honey
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Cold water

Do the following:

  • Apply honey to the area with the skin erosion. Your skin should cover layer lightly with honey.
  • is left for 5 minutes.
  • Now wash with cold water.
  • Dry your skin.
  • Now take the apple cider vinegar and splashed water over the affected area just treatment with honey.
  • let it air dry.
  • This remedy will treat razor burn faster than expected.

bags black tea for Razor Burn Relief

bags black tea can also make humble rid of skin erosion and even razor bumps. The black tea has tannic acid that helps reduce redness and inflammation. It also relieves skin erosion. No need to buy expensive black tea because black tea bags cheap are more tannic acid in them.

get this:

  • bag Black tea
  • warm water

Do the following:

  • dip the tea bag in hot water to moisten.
  • is removed and rub it on the area where you have razor burn.
  • Repeat 2-3 times daily or as needed by you.

Sodium Bicarbonate for Razor Burn Treatment

The exfoliating effects of baking soda soft skin helps to get rid of razor bumps and burn. mild antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties baking soda also make your skin burn cool and calm. Therefore, to soothe razor burn, you can simply use baking soda lying in your kitchen cupboard.

get this:

  • Baking soda and 1 tablespoon
  • Water 1 cupboard
  • cotton ball

Do the following:

  • Add baking soda in water and mix well.
  • Soak the cotton ball in the water.
  • Apply the swab to the affected skin.
  • keep it there for about 4-5 minutes.
  • Rinse with cold water.
  • Repeat 2-3 times daily or as needed.

Apply Aloe Vera to get rid of Razor Burn

Aloe vera is surprising that nature when it comes to the skin. It is soothing and cooling with amazing properties that cure almost any type of skin discomfort including cuts and burns. The sticky gel fresh aloe vera when applied to the skin gives a soothing relief that can recognize instantly. Besides having soothing properties, aloe vera also has excellent moisturizing properties also help accelerate the healing process of the skin where skin has erosion.

get this:

  • Aloe vera or leaf gel of Aloe

Do the following:

  • If you have an aloe vera leaf, cut a part of it and with the help of knife, cut one side open.
  • remove the gel inside the leaf with the help of the fingers.
  • Apply this gel to your skin erosion and rub gently for a couple of minutes.
  • leave it there for some time.
  • If it feels too sticky, wash with cold water. Even if it is allowed to remain on your skin, aloe vera gel will do no harm to the skin.
  • Repeat 2-4 times a day.

cucumber-yogurt mask by Razor Burn Relief

no one can have doubts about cooling properties of cucumber. Thanks to the moisturizing properties and anti-inflammatory cucumber is razor rapid combustion. Cucumber also has vitamins C and K, which also help relieve pain and swelling that can give you razor burn. When the cucumber is mixed with another pleasant to the skin and also yogurt cooling ingredient, you can be sure to get rid of razor burn faster. Yogurt also contains lactic acid which helps to gently exfoliate the skin.

get this:

  • cucumber (peeled) – 1 / 2- 1 (depending on the area to be covered)
  • Plain yoghurt- 1-2 tablespoons
  • the warm water

Do the following:

  • Mix the cucumber and yogurt together using a food processor or blender.
  • Apply this mixture of cucumber and yogurt to shave the affected skin burns.
  • Leave it for about 20 minutes.
  • Rinse with warm water.

Using tea tree oil to treat Razor Burn

tea tree oil has excellent antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. This makes it a very effective way to get rid of skin erosion essential oil. However, since the tea tree oil is very strong, it should not be used undiluted. You can use water or olive oil to dilute it before using it to soothe razor burn.

get this:

  • tea tree oil 3-5 drops
  • Water 2 tablespoons


  • olive oil 1 tablespoon

Do the following:

  • Add the tea tree oil to the water and mix well.
  • Apply this to the affected skin razor burn.
  • Leave it for about 10-15 minutes.
  • Rinse with warm water.
  • Repeat twice a day.
  • If the use of olive oil to dilute the tea tree oil, add 3 drops of this oil with 1 tablespoon olive oil.
  • gently massage the affected area with this oil mixture for a couple of minutes area.
  • Do this 2-3 times a day.

Coconut Oil Softens Razor Burn Fast

Coconut oil is an amazing gift of nature that is practically a great help for your skin. As regards skin erosion, lauric acid in coconut oil does wonders. It has antiseptic properties that heal wounds and burns and rashes miraculously course. Not only this, the skin moisturized effectively maintained.

get this:

  • Coconut oil

Do the following:

  • Apply a thin layer of coconut oil on the affected area.
  • That’s all. Just repeat the process 2-4 times a day or whenever you want to apply something to your skin erosion.

witch hazel to get rid of Razor Burn

witch hazel has been another great remedy for almost all skin problems. It is a natural astringent that relieves razor burn and get rid of it quickly. The tannins in witch hazel promote faster healing of skin inflammation and thus can count on him to get rid of razor burn too.

get this:

  • hamamelis
  • cotton or a spray bottle

Click the following:

  • dip the cotton ball in witch hazel
  • Apply this to your razor strawberry affected area.
  • Do this 2-3 times a day.
  • Alternatively, fill a spray bottle with witch hazel.
  • spray it on the affected area 2-3 times daily or as needed.

Essential oils to get rid of Razor Burn

There are many essential oils that soothe razor burn effectively. Some of these oils include lavender, chamomile and calendula essential oil. You can use any of these essential oils to get rid of skin erosion. These oils have excellent healing and soothing properties. However, they are applied undiluted.

get this:

  • lavender / chamomile oil / Calendula (any) – 6-8 drops
  • 1/4 cup cold water
  • cotton ball

Do the following:

  • Add drops of essential oil in the cold water.
  • Mix well and enjoy the cotton ball in it.
  • Apply this to the affected area to get rid of skin erosion area.

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