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How to get rid of rats

Re: the story "Rats, it's cold outside"

The article read "instant traps, live traps, where rats will be relocated, or poisons are the only way to make war on rats."

In my yard, the rats fired my traps and stole the hook, or completely avoided them. They also somehow step on the trigger of living traps and eat all the bait.

The silver bullet for these creatures of darkness is an electronic Victor trap with a trail of bird seeds and a drop of peanut butter at the end. Two C cell batteries hit them when they cross the floor. Then, he gives them another blow of mercy about 30 seconds later.

Mine connects to Wi-Fi and sends me a pop-up message to my phone, saying that the trap has been activated, and I remove the dead rat and recess it when I get home.

I slide the trap at the far end of my useless trap so dogs can't reach the electric floor of the trap.

My application says I caught 16 rats since I set the trap in September. I also caught 21 mice.

I got mine at Canadian Tire, but I am sure that one can find them at various suppliers.

Scott Jackson

Source: https://www.castanet.net/edition/news-story-271859-10-.htm

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