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How to get rid of pores | Can you really reduce your pores?

If you have ever found yourself looking nervously at a magnifying mirror, wondering how to reduce your pores, you are not alone. It seems that we have all had an obsession with the texture of our skin at some point, trying to exfoliate large pores until extinction or soften them so that they are subjected to endless layers of primer.

When it comes to getting rid of pores, the reality is that you can not. As Dr. Dennis Gross explains, they are on your face for a good reason. "The pores are small hair follicles that contain a sebaceous oil-secreting gland. He has them all over his body, with the exception of the palms and the lower part of the feet. The purpose of a pore is to allow the oil generated by the sebaceous glands to travel through the hair follicle and reach the surface of the skin, lubricating it. This natural oil is called sebum and keeps skin hydrated and healthy. "

While it is true that some days your pores may seem larger than others, the idea that you can "open" and "close" them is false. "Their pores do not have attached muscles, so they can not move or change shape," confirms Andrea Pfeffer, founder of the facial clinic Pfeffer Sal. "However, their appearance and size are affected by many factors, including the condition of the skin, genetics and lifestyle. "The pores may appear to grow in size as we get older, due to collagen and elastin depletion in the skin, making it a little less tight."

So, while you can not change the natural size of your pores, you can do a lot to prevent them from expanding further. Scroll down to discover how to really minimize pores: miracles are not required …

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Consider your cleaner

Thorough cleaning is an essential first step in keeping pores at their natural size. The makeup, daily dirt and pollution of the city remain on the skin throughout the day and must be completely removed to prevent the pores from becoming clogged and, therefore, enlarged. A double cleaning is your secret weapon here: first, melt the makeup with an oil or a balm, then try a gel to really get rid of the dirt.

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Refine with a shell.

According to Dr. Gross, chemical peel is an excellent way to keep pores clean and clean. "Incorporating a daily scrub can do wonders. It accelerates cell turnover and reduces blockage to avoid congested pores, which look larger. "

A previously soaked pad containing an alpha hydroxy acid is your best choice for quick and easy exfoliation, while seasoned acid users should try Dr. Gross's new liquid rejuvenation peel: it's the closest thing to a treatment in the lounge that you will receive without leaving it. Your bathroom

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Use a retinol

According to Pfeffer, retinol can also be a useful ally, since it reduces pores, but warns about overuse. "Retinol helps minimize oil production and the buildup of congestion in pores that can potentially be a reason for expansion. However, as with most active ingredients, too much of a good thing can have the opposite effect. "We recommend three months of rest, two months of rest and not using retinol for more than 18 months without stopping to obtain optimal results and safety of the skin."

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Try the microneedling

If you are considering a professional treatment to help refine the enlarged pores, the answer could be a micro-feeding course.

"Puncture can be a fantastic treatment to minimize the appearance of pore size," suggests Pfeffer. "It works by administering micro lesions on the skin, which triggers a controlled and precise healing process. This results in a more accelerated and structured collagen production. Increased levels of collagen and elastin thicken the skin, making our pores appear smaller. "

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However, this is the best treatment for experts, warns Pfeffer. "It must be done by a qualified therapist with experience in a sterile environment. Derma rollers at home and treatments with lighter needles are more focused on the penetration of the product and do not reach enough depth in the skin to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin required, "he explains.

I dress with a primer.

The best way to instantly veil uneven skin texture and ensure a soft foundation for makeup is with a base specially formulated for large pores. "The primary ones that minimize pores, such as the Smashbox photo finish, minimize pores and those of Benefit, The Porefessional contain spherical silicone particles and powdered pigments that fill and diffuse the appearance of the pores before applying makeup on the part superior "explains make-up artist Hannah Martin. "Both are oil-free and non-comedogenic."

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Rethink the foundation

Finally, matching a pore minimization base with the correct foundation is the key to a smooth makeup finish. "Avoid anything with too much oil or moisture in the areas that may concern you, as this will nullify the good work of your primer," advises Martin. "By all means, use a base with spray finish in which you want a shine, but respect the long-lasting and oil-free formulas in the areas you want to hide open pores."

And your secret weapon for retouching on the fly? It turns out that, sometimes, the simplest products are the most effective. "Throughout the day, use blotting paper to absorb excess oil on the skin before retouching the makeup," says Martin. "This will help minimize the appearance of the pores and reduce the risk of clogging."

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