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How to get rid of pimples

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Do not squeeze the spots: there is a risk of scarring. (Raised by model.)
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secondDeficiencies are one of the six main types of spots caused by acne. (Others include spots filled with pus called white dots, or closed comedones, and small red bumps called papules). As dermatologists, we are not big fans of people trying to eliminate blackheads with hands or extractors bought in the store due to the risk of scarring. In addition, blackheads are usually formed in groups: if you try to get rid of them with the extractor, You will be there all day.

We prefer medical treatment. The best is a combination of washing the skin during or after a shower with a peroxide wash, then apply a cream of retinoic acid to the blackheads, since the retinoic acid is really good for drying the glands of fat. Both can be purchased without a prescription or obtained with a prescription. You can also apply your washes with an exfoliator to remove waste from the pores, or you can use a microdermabrasion machine to exfoliate much more deeply to get rid of small acne scars, too. If this does not work, you should visit a dermatologist or family doctor to administer an oral medication, which is much more intensive.

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There is mixed evidence on diets that prevent the formation of blackheads. You may notice a correlation between individuals, but there are no studies that show that certain diets prevent black spots for all people. The same is true for moisturizers: there is no evidence that more greasy moisturizers create more stains. In general, we like people to hydrate once a day.

If you are not succeeding with these treatments or if the black spots affect your confidence, you should make an appointment with a dermatologist; We can use other interventions.

Dr. Adam Friedmann He is a consultant dermatologist in The dermatology clinic of Harley Street.. I was talking to Ammar Kalia.

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