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How to get rid of pimples Crazy Fast

The buds have a way to appear literally in the worst moments, but choosing your new grain and toothpaste all over your chin will only make it worse.

The key to keeping outbreaks at bay? Prevention. "If you wake up in the morning and feel it coming in, or if you feel the pressure and the sensation of a pimple, use a warm compress to decrease inflammation," says Julie Russak, MD, dermatologist and founder of Russak Dermatology Clinic in the City. from New York. .

But what do you do if the grain is already a new prominent accessory on your face? Follow these tips approved by the dermis and kiss your zit goodbye as soon as possible.

1. DO NOT try to blow up.

While early treatment is key to minimizing the sitch, that does not mean you should start poking, picking or pushing. "It's tempting, but if you start digging, you'll only run the risk of spreading the infection and creating more inflammation and redness," says Rhonda Klein, MD, a partner in Modern Dermatology. So take your hands off!

2. Turn on your cleaner.

Opt for a cleaner that controls Y It eliminates acne and at the same time calms the irritation caused by your current outbreaks. "To help control acne, I recommend salicylic and glycolic acids," says Dr. Russak. Salicylic acid cleans the pores deep, exfoliates dead skin and removes excess oil.

"Glycolic acid does not reach the deeper layers of the skin like salicylic acid, but it works wonders for the top surface," says Dr. Russak, which is why you see it in many chemical peels. It has the ability to get rid of shine – Block dead cells from the surface to reveal a brighter complexion.

Take a look at some options here:

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3. Ice, baby ice.

Both Dr. Russak and Dr. Klein suggest putting ice in the area for 10 minutes at a time to decrease swelling and redness. While it is certainly useful, you should not rely on it as the only solution, says Dr. Russak, who recommends keeping this treatment of cold spots to control pain and redness just before a major event.

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4. Apply a warm compress.

This soothing step will open your pores and bring all the dirt to the surface. "A warm compress is excellent for reducing inflammation and improving circulation in the area," says Dr. Russak. "It helps open the pores, which facilitates the elimination of excess oil and contaminants that cause the grain."

5. Slather in a spot treatment.

A localized treatment or a patch for the shin may focus on the infected area. They often rely on benzyol peroxide, salicylic acid, or sulfur (or a combination of all three) to dissolve dead skin cells that clog pores and kill bacteria at the root of the problem, while reducing the redness and inflammation.

Treatment for double action acne Effaclar Duo from La Roche-Posay


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6. … But be careful not to dry the area too much.

While these powerful formulas are important for saving lives when it comes to minimizing your breakup, be sure to follow the instructions because is possible to exaggerate. "Most spotting treatments can dry out and, if used excessively, can cause irritation, "says Hadley King, MD, a dermatologist at AcneFree Consulting.

When it comes to localized treatments, more is not always better. Start with a small dot on your grain. If you see any new redness, crusting or peeling, then you have applied too much product.

7. Wash your face before Y after a workout.

Do you think you're safe because you washed your face diligently after each sweat session? Think again. Like the steam portion of a facial, your pores open during your workout. "Any amount of sweat and residue from the day can easily enter, so be sure to wash your face before and after a workout, "says Dr. Russak.

Speaking of trainings …

8. Make sure your makeup is not the culprit …

If you can not find out what is causing your outbreak, it might be time to change your makeup. It is known that common comedogenic products in beauty, such as lanolin, algea extract and almond oil, clog pores, which leads to more outbreaks.

"Be sure to look for non-comedogenic products" and "no oil", says Dr. Russak. You can also opt for double service products that offer treatment and coverage. This Jane Iredale concealer also has green tea, which soothes inflammation.

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Jane Iredale disappear concealer


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9. … Or your diet.

Do you often find yourself breaking after eating certain foods? Well, you are not alone. "Many people do not realize that food is a surprising cause of acne," says Lamees Hamdan, MD, founder of Shiffa Beauty.

Foods high in sugar, fat, gluten or preservatives increase inflammation in the body, which manifests itself in the skin. If your outbreak simply does not subside, it might be time to pay more attention to your diet.

10. Be tired of some hacks at home.

We've all heard the old wive's tale about toothpaste, but it's actually the latest Thing you should put on your face. "There are often present ingredients that can cause more skin irritation," says Dr. Klein. Opt for a specific localized treatment specifically formulated to fight the pimple-causing bacteria.

11. … Except that of the crushed Aspirin.

A paste made of crushed aspirin and water can work wonders on your zit. "Aspirin contains salicylic acid, which is a proven and true ingredient to combat acne," says Dr. Klein. "It can help to unclog and dry the affected area, while reducing swelling and redness."

12. … And that of the eye drops.

Brimonidine, the ingredient that reduces redness in the eyes, can have the same effect on the grain. Simply apply a few drops of eye drops against the redness on your shin and let it do its magic.

"Brimonidine (the ingredient in Lumify, below) contracts the blood vessels and decreases redness," says Dr. Russak. If you do not have eye drops, hydrocortisone cream (with at least one percent hydrocortisone) would also be helpful. "Just do not use it more than once or twice, because then it will have the opposite effect," Dr. Russak warns.

Lumify Redness Reliever eye drops


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13. For the big ones, make an appointment with your doc.

If you're dealing with a cyst (also known as the underground and painful pimples that never reach a critical point) that will not go down on its own, it's probably time to call your doctor. "Consult your board-certified dermatologist for a cortisone injection," says Dr. King. "Nothing works so fast to reduce inflammation."

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