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How to get rid of moths in your home

Many owners have come in contact with a moth that hides in your closet or food. According to the British Pest Control Association, there are approximately 165,000 species in the world, and many species of moths are domestic pests. Small insects enter the house easily through doors or windows. And although they are small, tend to measure about 2 mm, however, can have a size of up to 300 mm, once in the house, these destructive pests can cause serious damage to food and fabrics. So, how can owners get rid of them? It is important to identify what types of moths have broken through. Different moths pursue different sources of food, so if they are "pantry moths" they will probably be found in the cereals and if they are "clothes moths" The holes in the wool cardigans or the patches in the carpet will be an indicator Clear.

Deep cleaning

Once the problem has been identified, discard the infected materials. Unfortunately, the best way to stop a moth infestation is to throw away all contaminated products, especially food.

Clean the cabinets and throw away the garbage bags immediately, then disinfect the surfaces with an antibacterial spray. There are many over-the-counter products that can be purchased specifically to kill moths.

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To deal with the clothes moths, place the affected clothes in a hot wash. Dry cleaning is also known for debugging garments.

Vacuum cleaning

Once the garbage has been thrown, grab everything. Speaking to the Telegraph, Stuart Hine, an insect expert at the Natural History Museum, said: "Vacuum cleaners are the worst enemies of moths."

"They do not like the inconvenience, so open your cupboards once a month and shake everything, do the same with the carpets: move the furniture and clean under the cabinets and tables."

It is important to remember to get rid of the vacuum bag immediately, as it may contain eggs, which is the biggest problem when trying to get rid of the moths in the house.

Moths can reproduce at an alarming rate. Moths like to lay their eggs in dark and quiet places where they are likely not to be disturbed, so being careful with cleaning can prevent moths from hatching.

Natural medicine

Along with naphthalene balls, there are many other techniques to get rid of these pests that grow tissues in the home, including natural remedies such as camphor wood, bay leaves, lavender and the placement of conkers in risk areas.

Although these will not stop the larvae that are already nesting in a cloakroom, they will point to the moths already grown, avoiding mating and additional multiplication.

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Seal everything

While aerosols can prevent moths, many are known to contain chemicals that can cause other health risks. Instead, try sealing the clothes in airtight vacuum bags.

The same technique can be used in food cabinets by using storage containers to make it difficult for moths to enter the package.

If you discover that the moth problem is not being solved, it may be better to call a professional pest control operator. They will be able to identify the problem and help with widespread infestations or difficult-to-clean items, such as moth-infested carpets.

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