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How to get rid of mosquitoes

As any entomologist would say, a mosquito is one of the many species of small flying insects that bite and do not bite in the Nematocera suborder, especially in the families Mycetophilidae, Anisopodidae and Sciaridae. But you do not need to know anything about that, because it will not help to get rid of them.

The mosquitoes that are typically found in and around our homes are commonly referred to as fruit flies, mosquitoes or no-see-ums. Regardless of what they are called, getting rid of mosquitoes can be difficult, but not impossible. Here are five techniques to try:

Technique 1: Fly paper

For generations, old and sticky paper has been a reliable way to catch and kill flying insects, including mosquitoes. Simply hang the adhesive paper anywhere you see mosquitoes and wait for them to stick to the exposed adhesive. The traditional paper of the ribbon fly works well in most areas. But if you have mosquitoes that congregate in your windows, try the window traps. Simply glue these rectangular transparent plastic sheets onto the window glass, then remove the protective coating to expose the adhesive that traps insects.

Technique 2: Rotten fruit

What better way to catch fruit flies than with fruit? Place several pieces of rotten and overripe fruit in a medium bowl. Cover the container with a plastic wrap and secure it with a rubber band. Then, use a round toothpick, a narrow spike or a similar object to make several holes in the plastic. The mosquitoes, attracted by the rotten and fermented fruit, crawl through the holes. But once inside the bowl, they will not be able to find the exit.

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Technique 3: Cider Vinegar

This proven technique defies the old adage: catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. In a bowl, add half a cup of warm water, two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, four to six drops of liquid dish soap, and a tablespoon of sugar. Mix well with a fork until the sugar dissolves and all the ingredients are well mixed. Place the container anywhere you see mosquitoes. The scent of sugar and vinegar will attract mosquitoes, but once they submerge to take a sip, they will be trapped by the dish soap.

Technique 4: Wine trap

The next time a bottle of wine becomes rancid or vinegar, do not throw it away. Instead, use it to make a simple mosquito trap. This technique is similar to the cider vinegar trap mentioned above. Pour the old wine into a bowl, add a few drops of liquid dish soap and then place it outdoors. For severe mosquito infestation, place some wine traps along with some vinegar traps.

Technique 5: candle flame

This simple advice works well inside and out, especially at night. Put a tall conical candle in a candlestick; Make sure it is tight. Place the candlestick in a shallow container that is partially filled with water. Light the candle, turn it off and on, and wait for the mosquitoes to come to the flame. Any error that is not incinerated will instantly fall into the water and drown. Caution: never leave a lit candle unattended, keep candles away from children and pets, and do not place candles near curtains or any other flammable material.

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