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How to get rid of lice and prevent them from spreading, and the 3 products you need to do it

Before starting to treat lice, you should know that you have a problem to begin with. While typically the first symptom of a lice infestation is an itchy scalp, some people do not actually feel itchy. A thorough inspection is needed to definitively diagnose the problem.

The first thing you will want to do is to examine your and your child's hair and scalp closely under a bright light. You may see an adult louse running down the scalp; Look for a cinnamon or cinnamon insect that is not larger than a sesame seed. Because lice hide quickly, it is more common to detect their eggs, which are called nits.

Lice lay their eggs in the hair near the scalp. The nits can be tan, brown or yellowish, and they are very small. While the nits can disperse anywhere around the scalp, you will often find large groups in the hair at the nape of the neck and around the ears. It can be easy to confuse the nits with dandruff, but unlike dandruff, you can not remove the nits because they are very attached to the hair.

Leaving their luck, the nits are born in one or two weeks in the adolescent stage called nymph. About a week or so, they mature into adult lice, fully prepared to perpetuate the life cycle of feeding, reproduction and egg-laying.

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If you observe the dreaded scourge, do not panic, do not burn your child's pillows or stuffed toys, and do not call an exterminator to fumigate your home. Instead, follow these guidelines to get rid of lice.

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