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How to get rid of horrible pantry moths

How to get rid of horrible pantry moths / Boing Boing

The pantry moths are experts in finding their way into any open bowl of rice, flour, cereals, chips, nuts, etc. Then they reproduce in boxes and bags. I hate when I open a closet and a couple of moths fly away. It's even worse when I look at a bag of rice, and it's full of movement.

We have been putting our food in wide-mouth mason jars with these practical one-piece plastic lids. That has reduced the problem. We also started using traps for pantry moths. These traps fold into small houses with an A-frame. The interior is coated with a sticky material that catches the flies. The traps also come with a pheromone lure the size of a postage stamp to fool pests and make them believe that a sexy moth is inside waiting for them. These things work well. After using them for a few weeks, the only moths I see now are the dead ones trapped inside the traps.

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