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How to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids also known as piles are swollen veins around the anus or anal canal. They are painful and can last for a long time. Its common symptoms include bleeding during defecation and itching sensation. People usually take drugs to cure hemorrhoids free sale, but has side effects. Those who use it without knowing the possible side effects blindly go for harmful drugs.

How to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids

ways to treat hemorrhoids

People might think that the only way to treat hemorrhoids is to take counter medications, but safe and inexpensive way few in treating it. There are two types of treatment, internal and external. These effects are rapid and effective remedies.

  1. Can cold compress This will help shrink the piles. The piles will shrink and become small. Gradually will reduce pain and provide relief from itching. That make it difficult to pass stool due to swelling after the cold compress is easier to pass stool because it reduces swelling.
  2. Organic apple cider vinegar is pure and natural. It is very beneficial in the treatment of batteries and is also effective take externally or internally. You can only take a cotton ball and soak it with apple cider vinegar, then apply directly to the area where the piles are, will be stingy after applying it directly. To consume internally, add a teaspoon of vinegar with water and drink twice a day.
  3. Soaking himself in a tub of warm water will also help in pain and itching that the cause batteries. You can also help blood vessels relax. Go bathing comfortable and relaxing seat with warm water, not hot water. After taking a relaxing bath gently clean the area with a damp towel. This will help you get rid of hemorrhoids.
  4. Keep hydrated decrease the chance of battery area. Vitamin E use ointment or capsules in the opening of the anus to calm the area and keep hydrated.
  5. The beneficial properties of tea tree oil are effective in reducing inflammation and cure hemorrhoids naturally . Mix the oil with an essential oil for use to treat hemorrhoids. It is very strong so just use a drop with other oils
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Hemorrhoids are painful, itchy and annoying .; but with proper care you can treat or even prevent. With these tips, you have to not complain about this situation.

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How to get rid of hemorrhoids

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