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How to get rid of fruit flies

Need to know how to get rid of fruit flies? These little pests can be a real nuisance, circling around the dining room table, getting caught in the kitchen lights and, in general, creating a mess. The problem is also that, like all other species of flies, they reproduce quickly, so once a couple is inside, it is guaranteed that they will have more, for a good while. Fortunately, fruit flies are easy to eliminate: everything you need for work is already in your kitchen.

Are they fruit flies?

However, the first thing to determine is if your problem is fruit flies or if you have a different type of fly in your home. Are they congregating mainly around your sink? They are drainage flies. Around the floors of your house? These are also not fruit flies. Fruit flies remain true to their name, although you will also see them devouring spills of drinks and sometimes even circling around their desserts.

How to get rid of fruit flies: the liquid method

There are two main ways to get rid of fruit flies. One is to try to catch them in a container with liquid, in which they will eventually drown. The trick is to make sure that once you have attracted them, they cannot leave. You will need a tall jar with a funnel made of a sheet of paper, or a bottle with a narrow mouth, like a bottle of wine. Fruit flies like the smell of vinegar and wine (it is the smell of fermented foods to which they are destined after all), so fill your container with about a fifth of each liquid. The vinegar you will need to use is apple cider vinegar, not white vinegar. Vinegar may work better than wine because the smell is stronger.

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How to get rid of fruit flies: the adhesive method

The adhesive method is our personal favorite for effectiveness, although it is a bit smelly, so be prepared. No funnels or bottles are needed: just fill your favorite container with a mixture of vinegar, sugar and overripe fruit (we are talking about fruit that begins to become soft and smells like alcohol).

The more viscous the consistency, the better the trap will be, so keep adding the sugar until everything is really thick and sticky. Another great option is rancid beer: use it alone or add it to the mix. It will not have a pleasant smell, but flies will be attracted to things like a magnet.

How to get rid of fruit flies: the two

Prevention is better than cure: throw away any fruit that is beginning to break down and remove all containers regularly, especially during the summer;
Clean all surfaces regularly;
Fly like dark and damp spaces, so make sure the kitchen is well lit and ventilated.

How to get rid of fruit flies: what not to do

Do not use ripe fruit in a jar alone, as the flies will probably come out again, having drowned with the fruit;
Do not bother with candles and other lights: although you will attract some of the flies, they are much more interested in food smells than in light;
Do not use moldy fruit or food other than fruit as traps; the flies will not like (or you).

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