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How to get rid of frizzy hair

The summer should be spent enjoying easy and windy days on the beach, without worrying about the fried and diffuse hair. The reality: fighting a losing battle against frizz is common, because Mother Nature has the advantage on wet days.

But it is important to recognize another common culprit: hair damage. Hot tools, hair brushing and chemical treatments can damage the outer layer of the strands, such as the cuticle. The heat raises the cuticle, allowing moisture to enter and swell the strand, creating frizz (imagine a strand of scaly hair instead of a soft one). There is also your DNA. For those with curly hair, frizz is even more typical because the hair tends to be drier.

So, what is the secret to softening the strands? Stephen Thevenot, a stylist from New York City in the Eva Scrivo salon, shares his tips and tricks to combat frizzy hair, regardless of the cause or conditions:

Start with a good haircut.

"By getting rid of the dead end and dry alleys, you leave only healthy and hydrated hair, which is a good start to fight against frizz, "says Thevenot, his suggestion is that you live in a region with high humidity:" Ask your stylist a haircut with strong lines, which will also help to maintain the weight in the cut to soften the hair. "While the layers and texture may be desirable to change your hairstyle," you can make the ends become weak and faint, which makes the hair more prone to frizz, "he says.

Take a cooler shower

A steam shower can feel heavenly, but hot water acts like moisture. "When the water is too hot, it can raise the cuticle," says Thevenot. At the end of your shower, rinse cold water for five seconds to close the cuticles, which helps to increase the brightness.

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Shampoo strategically

If you're prone to frizz, "look for shampoos and conditioners that add moisture to help keep hair hydrated," says Thevenot. If you have curly or wavy hair, use non-sulfate formulas with nutritious ingredients such as shea butter, coconut oil, avocado or macadamia oil. "The anti-frizz options leave a barrier in the hair that not only helps seal the cuticle, but also blocks the frizz," says Thevenot.

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Take it with the towel

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The little things can make a big difference … like drying your hair gently. The fibers of the towels can damage the hair, especially if it is curly, and "the aggressive drying of the towels interrupts the cuticle," says Thevenot. "Use a softer fabric like Aquis Prime Turban for fast drying hair"Another solution: wear a soft cotton shirt to squeeze the water after the shower.

Make products work best

If you have already tried a ton of anti-frizz products without results, one possible reason is to wait too long to apply them after showering. That time of delay allows the lint to begin to form, especially in a steam-filled bath. To obtain the best results, dry the hair gently and immediately comb the product through its strands. Ingredients such as silicones and natural oils invisibly cover the surface of the hair to tame, polish and block moisture.

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Do not delay with hot tools

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"Regular use of hot tools leads to damaged hair, and dry and damaged hair is prone to frizz," says Thevenot. When you do use a hair dryer, try to do it in your room where the air is drier. Always protect the strands with a heat shield and be sure to section the hair as you dry it to make sure each piece is smooth. "Apply a hair spray or an anti-moisturizing spray like Moon Landing Moisture Spray by R + Co To finish and protect your style, "says Thevenot.

Think about the future

Even when you have used the heavy duty pouf protection and applied all the right products, the hair can have a mind of its own. "Keep a hair oil in your bag to polish the frizz on the fly, "says Thevenot In a hurry, rub a small amount of oil on your hands and comb with your fingers all the hair to straighten the strands.

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