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How to get rid of dark circles under your eyes: The 4 best ways

So lately I've been considering something quick and cosmetic. Something in the derm office Something like Botox or maybe a filling. I have never really been for or against them; I thought maybe I would try them someday. Then, one day, my husband casually mentioned that he had tried Brotox (a version of the wrinkle relaxer marketed for men). I looked more closely at his face. His wrinkled forehead was gone, and I was jealous.

That's why one day I'm in Grand Central Terminal, taking a train to Norwalk, Connecticut, to see my sister-in-law Deanne Mraz Robinson, MD, FAAD, of the Connecticut Dermatology Group. (She was also the main resident of dermatology at Yale). If I go for this, I want to be in your hands.

"To help him look more awake, there are a couple of things we can do," Deanne says as I recline in a comfortable chair in his office. "Soften these lines that are formed on the side and between your eyes when you smile with a bit of Botox", which relaxes the muscles and softens the lines, "here, here and here, and between the eyebrows". (Yes, please!) "And mix the lines below them, the channels of tears, with filling." For me, she chooses Belotero Balance, a dermal filler that unfolds wrinkles and fills the skin.

I'm nervous and excited. I do not fear needles, but I worry about looking, well, strange, in that form of wax, plastic, Hollywood red carpet. The injections take 10 minutes, and it will be two weeks before the filling settles. At first my face feels weird. When I laugh, my face feels a little stuck, which makes me laugh even louder. But in exactly 14 days, the funny feelings end. The crease between my eyebrows barely remains, like the wrinkles around my eyes when I smile. People are noticing ("You look amaaazing"Says a colleague), but more importantly, I feel better. I understand why people spend all this money (sessions start at $ 450) and make it commonplace. And I do not feel guilty: I am a feminist and I think that modern feminism means that you have the option of aging as you like. My joy is completely without apology. Who knows? Maybe when my first visit is over, I might actually be sleeping a bit.

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Method # 4

Real dream: Eight hours of that!

pTester 4 Cristina Muellerp

Tester # 4: Cristina Mueller

"Do you feel good, do you have allergies?" This is Mary, the lovely woman who runs the store where I run my dry cleaners, I swear, a kinder and more considerate person does not exist in the world, so if you are commenting on my eyes Injected with blood and my emaciated face, you know that the problem is real The problem of the day in question is not allergies, it is simply lack of sleep I am a chronically tired mother of a three year old child, and I have an average of six seven hours a night, sometimes going down to five, with an occasional 2:00 am shouting interlude, followed by a half-hour rest in a four-foot long bed, assuring the concerned party that, no, there's no wolf lurking in the corner, what I'm saying is: Those six hours do not qualify as a dream of beauty.

Then, when the instructions for this task came to my mind (she sleeps much more for a week or more), it took me about 0.5 seconds to accept it. My goal: a minimum of eight hours every night, and if I received less, I had to integrate a nap the next day, without excuses.

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I started working immediately.

First week: I loved those damn naps. I realize that it is like saying that I like to eat an ice cream or I enjoy breathing oxygen. I also realize that naps are easy for me because I work from home, not all women can just snuggle under their desk in the middle of the afternoon. But seriously: naps work. A one-hour nap was eerily similar to one of those great night's facials. I swear you could see the rest on my face for a few hours later. But in the second week, when I began to pay off my sleep debt, I was dealing with the annoying consequences of napping: I had been so exhausted that I had forgotten what restful people do to go to sleep. and making my brain go off at 10:00 PM I felt like a Jedi mental trick that I could not master. Maintaining naps at one hour helped, as did nocturnal aromatherapy. I would make a mixture of H. Gillerman Organics Sleep Remedy essential oil in a tissue and take 10 deep breaths: the zoning effect was practically immediate.

And after a couple of weeks in my rigorous nap program, my skin was fine: I had bright eyes (really); my sporadic hormonal outbreaks vanished; Random small red pieces and inflammation subsided. Maria realized ("You must be feeling better!"). But, to be honest, I felt invincible: my eyes, my skin, my mood, the whole package. Why do you want the best and most effective suggestion of all time to look less tired? Ready for that? Here it is: be less tired

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