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How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches In Apartments ( Home Remedies Treatment )

Of course, nobody likes to see cockroaches in your home. These nasty creatures can spread bacteria and transmit diseases. You can seek the help of experts in pest control to get rid of these creatures in their apartment or house. However, it is very expensive to approach them to eliminate cockroaches. You can get rid of this problem successfully by using some home remedies. No need to use harsh chemicals to remove cockroaches from your apartment. There are many effective natural remedies you can try to repel cockroaches. Try them to eliminate the problem of such creatures safely. Here are some of the best home remedies to get rid of cockroaches effectively:

How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches In Apartments ( Home Remedies Treatment )

Eradicate cockroaches apartments with borax and sugar

borax and sugar mixture can be a wonderful problem to get rid of cockroaches remedy. You can attract these creatures with something sweet and organic. The advantage of using this mixture is that it can dehydrate the exoskeleton of cockroaches. In addition, it is effective to damage your digestive system. Borax and sugar mixture can kill these creatures with time. To eradicate cockroaches with this remedy, take equal parts of both the ingredients and mix. You can use this mixture to apply in cracks, under cabinets, sink and along baseboards. Cockroaches die within a few hours with this remedy. From the borax is considered as poison, it is advisable to use such care especially if there are children and pets at home. Try sprinkling the mixture in the highest places where it is inaccessible to children and pets.

Remove cockroaches in their apartments with ground coffee

You can effectively eradicate cockroaches from your apartment with ground coffee. These creatures are attracted to anything organic and can easily attract with the help of ground coffee. They are attracted to this organic substance, even if they are sprinkled with other foods. In order to catch cockroaches in your apartment, take a few glass jars and fill half of the portion of them with water. Then put some ground coffee in small cups and place them in jars. Place these jars against baseboards, walls or any other area where they are nesting. With the aroma of ground coffee, these creatures are attracted to the pitcher and enter them. However, you can not escape them once they are inside the jar. Discard the cockroaches once you see a lot of them in jars and jars of place again in areas where nest in small cups with wet coffee grinds inside the bottle.

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Exterminate cockroaches in apartments with fabric softener

Another great home remedy beneficial to get rid of cockroaches is actually fabric softener. People use this ingredient to kill cockroaches as these creatures breathe through their skin. If you put them in a bucket filled with a combination of water and fabric softener, you can kill those cockroaches. The solution makes it difficult to breathe and kill them slowly. If you prefer to use this resource to kill cockroaches, make a thick fabric softener solution by adding water. Take a spray bottle and fill it with this solution and spray it on the cockroaches are. It is also advisable that spraying in areas where they usually hide. This is an effective way to kill cockroaches.

Sodium bicarbonate to remove cockroaches

Remove all the cockroaches in his apartment by using baking soda. People who do not prefer to use borax to get rid of cockroaches can use baking soda with sugar to eradicate these creatures. In fact, avoid the use of borax in households with children and pets. You can mix the sugar and baking soda to keep cockroaches away. If cockroaches feed on this cooking ingredient, which can affect the digestive system of them. In fact, baking soda can accumulate a lot of gas inside them and get killed slowly. It’s a good idea to add sugar to sodium bicarbonate as it can attract cockroaches. To get rid of cockroaches in your apartment, just take baking soda and sugar in equal amounts and mix well. Sprinkle the combination roach infested areas. These creatures will die when they eat this mixture.

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Trap cucumber to kill cockroaches in his apartment

Cucumber is a very common very effective to get rid of cockroaches in your apartment vegetable. If you place cucumber peels canned aluminum, metal produce an odor that make an intolerable situation for the creatures. Cockroaches die soon with this remedy. As a cooking ingredient readily available, you can use cucumber to get rid of cockroaches in your apartment. In order to eliminate cockroaches, simply obtain shells of fresh cucumber. Keep them in aluminum cans and place in areas where many cockroaches seen. After some time, all cockroaches die away.

rid of roaches with bay leaf

can not kill cockroaches using bay leaf, but it is an effective method to drive away all these creatures of his apartment. Bay leaf is also a large kitchen element that is used as a spice in Asian cooking. Cockroaches can not stand the unique fragrance of the bay leaf and can keep away these creatures successfully by spreading bay leaves without killing them. You can get bay leaf in stores selling Asian spices. To eliminate cockroaches from your apartment, just bought a handful of bay leaves and crush them to their dust. From the bay leaf and dried, it will not be a problem for milling. Simply apply the powder bay leaf in all areas infested with cockroaches. They migrate to another place after some time.

Remove cockroaches with a solution of ammonia-water

You can repel cockroaches from your apartment easily with ammonia because of its pungent odor. One can control the infestation of cockroaches if you make a habit of cleaning hard surfaces with a solution of ammonia-water. In order to get rid of cockroaches in your home, take 1 bucket of water and 2 cups of ammonia. Add the ammonia in the bucket full of water. You can use this solution to clean the surfaces of your kitchen, bathroom and other infested areas. All cockroaches flee because of the strong smell of ammonia. Clean surfaces regularly with a solution of ammonia-water to keep their apartments free cockroaches.

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