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How to get rid of cockroaches forever

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There are few places as disturbing and unpleasant as entering a room, turning on the light and seeing cockroaches running in all directions. Simple thinking is enough to make your skin bristle. And for every cockroach you see, there are usually dozens more hidden out of sight.

While getting rid of cockroaches is rarely easy, there are ways to eliminate an existing infestation and prevent future invasions. You just have to understand why these creepy bugs appeared in the first place.

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Cockroach Amenities

Cockroaches need three main things to live comfortably among us: water, food and a place to hide out of sight. Eliminate these three attractants, and cockroaches will eventually move to a more hospitable environment.

Check for leaks under the sinks, under the dishwasher and behind the refrigerator. Fix any dripping faucet. Before going to bed, empty pet water bowls or move them outdoors. Get in the habit of cleaning up spilled water on countertops, around the tap cover and in all sinks and bathtubs. It doesn't take much water, just a few drops, to attract a thirsty cockroach.

Use caulking, expandable foam sealant or sheet metal parts to seal and close all holes, cracks and seams found in cabinets, floors, walls and windows. Pay special attention to the spaces around electrical pipes and cables; Cockroaches can go through holes as narrow as 1/8 of an inch.

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Eliminating the food source is very difficult because cockroaches eat almost anything and can survive with very little food; An entire colony can survive with nothing more than a constant supply of crumbs. Start emptying and rearranging all food storage cabinets, including the pantry.

Clean all shelves and discard old and expired food. Canned foods are, of course, safe from cockroaches, but anything else is vulnerable, especially dry foods stored in boxes or bags, such as cereals, cookies, cookies, chips and flour. Keep open bags tightly sealed with binder clips or, better yet, place open bags and boxes inside airtight food containers.

Rub clean cooking surfaces and inside ovens, toasters and toaster ovens, which are often covered with crumbs, grease and food splashes. Vacuum the kitchen floor regularly and keep a lid on the trash can. Before going to bed, make sure there is no food left in pet bowls. And finally, try to keep all the food in one or two rooms, usually the kitchen and dining room. Bringing food and drinks to the rooms or living rooms will surely attract cockroaches and increase their number.

The mortal blow

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Once you have made your home as inhospitable as possible for cockroaches, do not expect them to escape immediately. Cockroaches can survive several months without food and two weeks or more without water. You will have to go to the next step: search and destroy.

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However, do not make the mistake of simply spraying a cloud of cockroach spray throughout the house. While the poisonous spray will kill cockroaches, most will simply flee without flinching just to return once the spray loses its effectiveness.

Instead, try one or more of the following cockroach killers: boric acid powder, boric acid tablets, bait stations and adhesive glue traps. Dust powder comes with an applicator to precisely blow dust into cracks and smaller crevices. Place the tablets inside the base cabinets and behind the appliances. Keep in mind that powdered powder and tablets are not effective if they are wet, so just place them in dry places.

A cockroach bait station is similar to an ant trap, which consists of a small plastic disk filled with sweet-smelling venom. Glue traps are affordable, easy to use and kill without chemicals or pesticides.

While the above strategies will eliminate existing cockroaches, don't forget future generations of creepy bugs. The last step is to apply an insect growth regulator (IGR), which is essentially a contraceptive method for cockroaches. An IGR uses a synthetic pheromone to disrupt the life cycle of eggs and cockroach larvae, which in turn keeps the existing cockroach colonies under control and prevents current and future infestations from reproducing.

Follow these steps and you will be free of cockroaches in no time.

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