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How to get rid of clutter in your house

Lots of clothes in a closet. Numerous images of an unknown author on the wall. A collection of vinyl records, which was inherited from your parents and deserves to be sold somewhere in Jiji.ng. Do you really need all this?

Let's admit that most of the things we possess are useless. Cheer up and arm yourself with a lot of garbage bags as we are going to take all that away from your house!

Step 1. Stop saving things.

Say no to keeping things

Image: Source: Aaron Amat

"Keeping" things is the biggest trap. More often, we throw things in boxes and on shelves. Not seeing things creates the illusion that it is clean around you. In fact sober, we keep accumulating things. How often during this year did you find yourself arranging clothes in the closet or trying to deal with stacks of old bills and documents? If your answer is more than twice, then you desperately need to stop "keeping" things. If you do not like an article, get rid of it.

Step 2. Clean by categories

Two piles of clothes

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Many people mistakenly assume that the most effective way to order a house is per room per room. However, in that way, a person is more likely to end up leaving a lot of things that they do not need. Try cleaning by categories! It means that he first arranges, for example, clothes, then books, etc. In that way, surely Pay attention to everything.

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Step 3. Decide what you really need

The woman makes the choice between two things

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According to Marie Kondo, "there are two reasons why we can not let it go: an attachment to the past or a fear for the future." By ordering the place where we live, we free ourselves from personal psychological problems that bother us and that we can live longer. When we decide if we need something in particular in our life, we free ourselves from old offenses and pains. In this way, all you need to do is ask yourself: can I live without that or not?

Step 4. Benefit from unnecessary things.

Obsolete technical devices near the garbage can

Image: Source: thierrydu47

So you're standing in front of the bags of things that you have to get rid of, and you ask yourself, "Why did I just keep all this?"; If not, then do it. Now is the time to decide what you want to do with all this "wealth". The easiest way is to throw all this down the garbage bin. But we are sure that among all these things there are things that can still be useful for someone. Donate your old belongings to charities, offer family and friends, make a sale in front of the house or on the Internet through Jiji.ng. Most things you do not need can be a blessing to others.

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Step 5. Do not let the mess come up.

Woman with daughter meditates at home


Preventing something before it happens is the easiest way to ensure that "this something" never happens. This rule also fully applies to clutter in the house. If a disaster has already occurred in an apartment, it will be much harder to get rid of it. Therefore you I need to say "no" to all purchases under the influence of short-term desire, buy gifts, promotional items that you would not otherwise buy and everything you do not need or like.

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