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How to get rid of belly fat: the woman reveals the diet plan she followed to lose seven stones

Sharing her transformation images before and after Reddit, the woman was ecstatic to reveal that she had lost 100 pounds (seven stones and one pound). The cartel, known as "guacsteady", lost weight over a period of 33 months after "several ups and downs." She revealed that most of the weight, three stones and four pounds, has been lost only in the last seven months. There was a particular diet that the cartel used to help her lose weight: the keto diet.

Responding to questions about his diet on Reddit, "guacsteady" wrote: "I've only been keto since July, so only the last 25 pounds lost were in keto."

“Before that, I was making low carb since March. On my 2.5-year trip so far, I tried maybe 5 different things and also fell out of the car for a while.

“Keto has been the easiest for me, although my food options are more restricted than other plans.

“My body feels much better eating this way. I am less tired, I have more motivation for things, my work performance has improved, I am happier and, above all, I am less controlled by food.

“I don't have cravings for candy anymore, which was a big problem for me. I can bake, what I love to do, without any desire to eat what I have done.

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"It's really amazing to remember how slow and unhappy it used to be and see how far I've come in recent months."

Giving a more detailed breakdown of what he ate, the poster wrote: “I eat eggs for breakfast almost every day, usually with the sunny side, which has always been my favorite.

“Often, lunch is what is left of dinner last night or my current obsession, which are some slices of Monterey Jack's cheese and pepperoni.

“Dinner is often a little protein with vegetables. We could have chicken or steak, sometimes pork, with broccoli or green beans or Brussels sprouts.

“Sometimes I make salad with the same proteins or make a turkey taco.

“I don't eat onions, tomatoes or many things for salads, so I usually add an avocado to my meat and use salt instead of dressing, since I never liked it much anyway. I have discovered that white cheese sauce is an INCREDIBLE dressing substitute!

In analyzing how he addresses socialization, he said: “When I go out to eat, I will look for a salmon option or a salad. I like most things in your basic Cobb salad: bacon, eggs, chicken, sometimes cheese, no dressing.

"If I don't feel like any of that, I will make a hamburger without bread, which for me is a meat pie with cheese and, sometimes, bacon, in addition to any vegetables they have, it seems to be fine."

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“Sometimes I like to make keto pancakes on the weekends (eggs, cream cheese and almond flour with a pinch of vanilla, but I omit the added sweetener), but I make them like muffins because the pancakes are always very thin and difficult to flip ! "

Source: https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/diets/1187986/weight-loss-get-rid-of-belly-fat-keto-diet-plan-before-after-transformation-pics

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