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How to get rid of bags under the eyes

Under the eye bags it can feel like one of those puzzling skin conditions that never seem to disappear. Dermatologist Macrene Alexiades, MD, says they are usually accompanied by dark circles, and both have several causes.

While some people may be genetically prone to swelling, dermatologist Suneel Chilukuri, MD, lists salty foods, alcohol, allergies, fatigue, stress and dehydration as some of the common causes of bags under the eyes Chilukuri says that all skin types and genders can develop them, as women experience collagen loss around age 32 and men around age 40.

"The bags under the eyes are more prominent as we age due to a loss of elasticity and cross-linking of the collagen that deteriorates the skin support under the eyes," he explains. "Anything that causes water retention, such as excess salt, can exacerbate the swelling."

Prevention is easy if you adjust certain habits. He says that a healthy diet, in addition to avoiding excessive alcohol consumption and sleeping well every night, can prevent swelling. Dr. Alexiades also emphasizes the importance of using sunscreen and encourages patients to wear sunglasses on sunny days to protect their eyes from harmful UV rays, which age the skin faster.

As for treatments, there are numerous options. Dr. Chilukuri uses cosmetic procedures such as Exilis Ultra and Botox to help stimulate collagen production and keep skin firm and healthy. Dr. Alexiades likes to use a combination of the Vbeam Prima laser, which is a pulsed dye laser that constricts the vessels and reduces vascularization and swelling, and Pico Genesis FX, which works to tighten the tissue, build collagen and reduce both The pigment as vascularization. . "It's a winner for the eyes," she says.

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Another option is the always popular jade roller to help improve lymphatic drainage, although Dr. Alexiades warns against its use if he doesn't know how to do it the right way. "The correct way to do it is to roll gently towards the nose, not far from it," she says. If natural home remedies are what you are looking for, Dr. Chilukuri says that applying cold cucumbers or hot green tea bags over the eyes for five minutes can help. Cucumber juice and cold temperature act as anti-inflammatory compresses, while the caffeine in the tea bag will decrease the fluid and improve circulation under the eyes.

Last but not least, both dermatologists recommend topical products with the right ingredients. Dr. Chilukuri says that tetrapeptide-5 and heparin sulfate are known to reduce swelling and contain moisturizing agents to hydrate the skin. It also recommends mild retinoles to provide collagen stimulation without irritating the thin skin around the eye area. Dr. Alexiades lists caffeine, coffee seed extract, tea extract, matricaria and cocoa extract as some of the key ingredients to consider. Scroll down to see some of your favorite selections, as well as some of our, for creams and serums under the eyes, below.

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