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How To Get Rid Of Bad Breath With Just 1 Ingredient

The truth is ugly and everyone wakes with breathing that is not fresh in the morning. This is because the bacteria multiply in the mouth at night and there is no continuous flow of saliva for washing away, as is the case during waking hours. This is easily solved when brushing their teeth and floss.

Consumption of specific foods such as onions, garlic and spicy food can also leave one with bad breath. Again, this is easily taken care of with a toothbrush and toothpaste or chewing gum. However, if the problem goes beyond this for you and bad breath persists throughout the day, then you need to take steps to get rid of bad breath that goes beyond brushing and flossing your teeth.

And, again, not everyone who has bad breath is aware that has the problem. The reactions of strangers when you open your mouth to speak are a clue, but there are ways to confirm their suspicions. The scientific way is to use a bad breath meter that measures the amount of sulfur in breathing.

Experts say

a way to know if your breath smells is to take a piece of gauze and wipe your tongue. If the gauze out with a yellow color or an odor, which is an indicator of high levels of sulfides in your body. Sulfides are the cause of bad breath. Another way is to lick the back of your hand and smell it after 10 minutes. If present, sulfur salts will be maintained and smells. A third way is to floss your teeth in the back and smell the floss. However, do not worry, because we have the right answer for you and only need a simple ingredient:

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Sodium bicarbonate:

Yes, you’re right, baking soda is a natural way to freshen breath. How does it work? You have two options for the use baking soda to combat bad breath. The first is to dissolve a half teaspoon of baking soda in water and swish it around as you would mouthwash.

The other is to cushion the toothbrush and then submerging it in baking soda before brushing up. If you are diligent with either method, you can expect to see a reduction in bad breath for the long term. And trust me, you will be surprised by the results! We really hope you find this article useful and do not forget to share with your friends and family. Thank you and have a good one!

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