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How to get rid of bad breath

Bad breath is almost the worst, whether you are giving or receiving. But you can make certain movements that clear the air.

Brush and floss to eliminate bad breath (obviously)

As everyone who has woken up in the morning knows, plaque and bacteria that accumulate in the teeth (especially at night) cause bad breath. It is not just small particles of food that stick between the teeth for a short time until they are brushed or flossed, which is a problem. When you don't floss or brush well and stay there, they can break down, which contributes to bad breath and maybe even gum disease, which means more bad breath.

Brush your right tongue

One of the main causes of bad breath is the tongue. A 2018 study in the Journal of Applied Oral Science found that people who brushed their tongues in an "X" technique had fewer bacteria and felt that their breath was fresher than people who simply brushed their tongues, however , they wanted to. The X technique is exactly what you would expect: from right to forward to the left, from left to right to the right and directly to the center. The best results were in people who made that pattern six times.

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That's fine, but maybe it's a little more complicated than necessary. "The important thing is to be thorough no matter what technique is used," says Andrew Sullivan, D.D.S., president of the periodontics department of the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine. Just be sure to get the area toward the back of your tongue, he says, "where many bacteria associated with halitosis congregate."

Pursue bad breath with water

A dry mouth allows dry cells to accumulate on the tongue, gums and cheeks. Without enough moisture (read: saliva) to wash them, they provide food for the bacteria, which are installed and multiplied. This produces sulfur-related molecules, which basically stink. Shake with (or drink) water when you feel your mouth is drying. This can also help tame the dreaded keto breath.

Swish with mouthwash

"Your mouthwash can actually do more harm than good if you are using the wrong mouthwash," said Jonathan Levine, D.D.S., based in New York City. Men's health. Mouthwashes that contain alcohol can dry out the mouth, so they may work for a moment, but they won't solve the problem. According to the above, a dry mouth can cause bad breath, not solve it.

Chewing gum

Onions, shallots, garlic. Very good, so disgusting when you are called to a meeting later. All you can really do right now is to mask the bad breath of food with gum or mints. But that is better than doing nothing.


Get to the root of the bad breath problem

If all this still leaves you with bad breath, look for deeper causes. Certain medications and certain problems, such as sinus problems, can leave you breathless. If you are plagued by constant bad breath and your teeth and gums are healthy, see a document to find out what else is happening.

Marty Munson, currently director of health at Men & # 39; s Health, previously served as deputy editor at Dr. Oz The Good Life and director of digital content at Shape.

Source: https://www.menshealth.com/health/a29518391/how-to-get-rid-of-bad-breath/

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