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How to get rid of back pain with these exercises

Research shows that 80% of the population will experience back pain at some time in their lives. Back pain is the third most common reason for a visit to the doctor's office and can affect you at any age, whether in your youth or in your last year, even if you are in the prime of your life.

Back pain is also one of the most common causes of lost work and disability claims. Back pain can be debilitating for your income, your ability to function in everyday activities and even for your emotional well-being. Back pain can affect your ability to sleep and can easily exacerbate stress-related problems.

So what can you do about it? Daily life can, by default, create certain physical tensions. The way you work, whether in a physically demanding field or in an office, can be stressful for your back, especially if you sit in a position all day. Fortunately, some exercises can help relieve pain and discomfort.

An important thing to remember is muscle balance. The muscles around and opposite the back muscles require strengthening to relieve tension and provide adequate support. Keeping your abs and buttocks strong, in particular, can help relieve tension in your back.


Bridges work your buttocks and can help support your back. They also help stretch important tendons in the lower back. To bridge, follow these steps:

Lie on your back, feet shoulder-width apart, knees bent
Keep your arms flat on the floor and lift your hips and pelvis into the air with your feet flat
Make sure your shoulders stay on the floor and flex your buttocks
Get down to the ground and rest

Knee to chest

One of the most effective stretches for the lower back, knee-to-chest stretches can help lengthen and straighten the spine and release tension in the lower part of the lower back.

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Lie on your back, knees bent
Pull one knee to the chest with both hands while stretching the other leg straight
Press the flat column and hold it for 5 seconds
Launching. Relax. Repeat with the opposite leg

Downward dog

This stretching with help lengthens the spine and releases tension at the base of the back.

Kneel on the floor on all fours, with your knees under your hips and your hands under your shoulders.
Move back slowly until the bottom is behind the heels.
Try to keep your neck and back straight while sinking into your position
Hold the posture for a deep and even breath
Just stretch to where you feel comfortable
Return to the starting position

Cat stretch

Cat stretches also help strengthen and lengthen the back. They can release tension and form supportive muscle groups, as well as open shoulders.

Get on your hands and knees, keeping your knees under your hips
Slowly arch your back, curving gently from the neck to the coccyx
Pull your belly button towards your spine
Hold on and breathe deeply
Relax letting your average buckling

Press the extension up

Moving the spine in each direction will help keep it tension free and build the surrounding support muscles, preventing the ligaments from stiffening.

Lie on your stomach with your elbows bent
Hold the pelvis on the floor and gently press your chest up with your neck straight, resting on your forearms.
Push your hands and arch your back stretching your stomach
Breathe and hold for five to ten seconds
Relax on the floor

Knee Rollers

Your column not only bends back and forth, but also twists. Involving these muscles is important for body comfort.

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Lie on your back. Use a small cushion to raise the head with the chin slightly bent and the neck relaxed.
Place your arms extended to the sides and flat on the floor.
Keep your knees together and bent
Keep your shoulders on the floor and gently rotate your knees to the side toward the floor.
Stretch and hold your breath
Return to starting position and alternate sides

Superman Stretch

Good posture can be incredibly important in an office where you sit most of the day. The extensor muscles extend along the sides of the spine and are essential to ensure and maintain good posture. This stretch can help keep these muscles flexible and strong.

Lie on your stomach on the floor, with your legs straight and your arms extended over your head.
Keep your neck straight, look at the floor and lift your hands and feet off the ground six inches
Try to relax your abs and move your belly button away from the floor.
Stretch with your hands and feet.
Hold for two or three seconds.

You can take many steps to deal with back pain. A good mattress and a relaxed and tension-free sleeping position can be very useful. Visit this site to see mattresses for athletes. Smooth back exercises release tension build-up and help strengthen support muscle groups to prevent tension from building up during the day. Make a routine of these simple exercises to control back pain and enjoy better comfort in all parts of daily function. Your back supports you in almost everything you do. Isn't it time to start supporting your back?

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