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How to Get Rid of Ants

Ants are generally not harmful to humans, but their nests in the house are discomfort. If there is a nest of ants in the structure of your home, it can result in structural problems such as rotting wood or eaten. In fact fungal growths can also take place because of the garbage they create. Of the more than 12,000 species of ants around the world, few they are actually too bad. For example, the red ants that are also ants bite and can pose a threat to pets and children at home! Therefore, it seems advisable to get rid of ants in the house. Here it is how to do this!

How to get rid of ants in the house?

There are many home remedies to get rid of ants, but before I met them, there are some steps you should take in order to get rid of ants in your home. This is essential because there are many types of ants and some species of ants, special measures should be taken. In general, the following steps will help you get rid of ants.

identify the type of ants in your home

This is important. To get rid of some species of ants, specific measures in regard to their nesting and feeding habits have to be taken. Here are some tips to help you identify the types of ants.

The domestic odorous ants – These ants are found in all regions of the United States. They are dark brown to black in color. If you see a chest unequally when viewed from the side, it may be the odorous house ant. However, the most distinguishable feature of this ant is the odor given out when crushed. This odor resembling rotten coconut, hence the name odorous house ants. Usually nest in cracks in walls and under the floors inside the houses.

carpenter ants – These ants have reddish black can usually be found in cooler and wetter climates. Carpenter ants build their nests in the wood sources, justifying the name given to them. Therefore, they can lead to serious damage to your furniture and wooden structures through a tunnel through them to the nest. If you see the debris produced from a tunnel in the wood, they can be carpenter ants. If you see flying carpenter ants in the house, this may indicate its well established in their home colony.

Argentine ants – Be clear to dark brown, antennae of these ants have 12 segments. They travel on trails and build their colony in humid environments, especially near a food source. sweet foods are preferred, but can eat anything. If you see traces of such ants in your home, you can almost be sure that Argentine ants have infested home.

pharaoh ants – These are very small ants. Their bodies are light yellow and have red and black marks on the abdomen. If you see amber small ants forage for food, make sure you have an infestation of pharaoh ants at home. They should be eliminated as soon as identified because these ants spread diseases and can even contaminate the sterile equipment and rooms. These ants can build nests anywhere, on walls, holes in the cabinet, behind baseboards, refrigerator insulation, hollow curtain rods and even the folds of clothing, sheets and paper!

flying ants – These are the ants with wings and can be of any species of ants. Alas they represent their reproductive stage. Usually harmless, they can be a nuisance. However, if it comes to flying carpenter ants or fly pharaoh ants, which must be removed to protect your house structures from damage and contamination, respectively.

Fire Ants- Having dull red color ranging from reddish brown to reddish black, these fire ants have bites. They use their painful stings when their nests are disturbed and therefore great care in trying to eliminate fire ants from home is required. They are also known as the red imported fire ant or ants. These are aggressive ants feed primarily on insects and live and dead animals. However, if they infiltrate your home, they may be attracted to fats and sweets.

Sugar Ants- These are the little ants are attracted to sweets. sugar ants females have orange bodies, while male winged ants sugar are completely black. When sugar ants infest your home, which can be found in the kitchen, pantry and even food packaging. They are attracted to spills, stains and other food debris.

Velvet Ants – also called cow killer ants; these are the ants hairy with velvety texture. They are mostly red or brown in color. These wingless ants are actually wasps and ants, but not because they resemble the structure of ants, which have been named velvet ants. These ants can be easily differentiated from ants by the absence of nodes petioles, which are present in all species of ants. Mostly are black or brownish orange and black. The sting of female velvet ant is so painful it can even kill a cow and thus the name ant killer cow.

After identifying the type of ants that have infested your home, the next step would be either to remove their traces or completely eliminate them by destroying their nest.

Clear the path of ants in your home

If you see one or a couple of ants in your home, it is not necessary that they have been trying to build a nest in your home. It may be that they have entered into his house to look for food. But if he has seen an ant, it should not be because they communicate so well that others follow them without fail. Although sound and touch are the most common ants communicate ways, which is the most important factor is the pheromones or chemical signals. An ant will leave a scented trail is followed by other ants. They consider this scent trail with their antennae in order to determine the direction of food. Even if you sweep or mop the place, you will not be able to erase the intense scent trail of ants. Each time the trail is covered by ants, the smell intensified. Use white vinegar to clear this map scent of the ants.

Use vinegar to remove the scented trail of ants

by using white vinegar at all entrances and paths of ants, which are, in fact, disrupting their scent trails. This will make it difficult for the follower ants to reach the food source. Once deprived of food, they will leave home.

get this:

  • White vinegar 1 part
  • Water 1 part
  • spray bottle empty
  • clean cloth

Do the following:

  • mixture of white vinegar and water.
  • Fill the spray bottle with this solution.
  • also dampen the cloth clean in this mixture of water and vinegar
  • Now sprinkle this solution whenever you see ants.
  • Not only his ways, sprayed into the entry point also where these ants are entering your home.
  • If you can not spray, clean the area with a cloth soaked in a vinegar solution.
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chalk Using the sidewalk to eliminate ants trail

The big clubs chalks that are generally used for the production of cement pavement or sidewalks can be a good remedy to erase the traces of ants. When the ants stumble across this chalk covered in the material with which it is done. Sometimes they are killed by the minerals in the limestone.

get this:

  • sidewalk chalk stick-1

Do the following:

  • simply draw a thick line around the entrance from where the ants are getting into your home.

use essential oils to clear roads of ants

You may like the scent of essential oils, ants do not. In fact, the strong smell of these oils confuse the ants then find it difficult to trace their own scent trails. In addition, the oil adheres to your body so it is difficult for them to travel to and from the food source. Any strong smelling essential oil can do wonders for you. Experiment with oils. Some of the oils that can be used include oils of peppermint, lemon eucalyptus. You may use these oils either separately or mix them to see what works in eliminating ants in your home.

get this:

  • Mint / Eucalyptus / Lemon 20 drops of oil
  • Water
  • Spray bottle

Do the following:

  • Fill the spray bottle with water, leaving some space at the top.
  • Add drops of essential oil or mixture of essential oils.
  • shake well.
  • Now scented spray this solution at the entrances from where the ants are getting inside.
  • You can also spray where you see ants or their trails.

These were the common methods used to destroy traces of ants, but if suspected of a colony of ants in your home, may have to be out of their home or eliminate such colonies .

Move the ant colonies outside their home

Yes, you can. Once you have deleted scented ant trails and all surfaces, etc., where they can find food are cleaned, it is easier to attract ants out of your house. Naturally, when they get food easily elsewhere, why they will fight to enter your home sprayed with a variety of things like oil and vinegar! They will move to be happy if they find something that appeals to your taste buds such as honey or sugar.

Get this

  • A small bowl, preferably made of paper
  • Honeywell 2-3 tablespoons


  • 1-2 tablespoons sugar
  • Water

Do the following:

  • After you erase the trail of ants in your home and block their access, must now draw outside his home.
  • Put the honey in the bowl.
  • Place this bowl outside your home, but not too far. At least one ant need to find this great food source.
  • If you are using sugar, add water and mix well to make a syrup solution.
  • put this sugar syrup into the bowl and put it outside your home.
  • In fact, you can even drop a little syrup to make a syrup line to the cup held out.
  • This will make it easier for ants to find this source.
  • Soon, you will see the ants move to their new destination outside their home.

Sometimes, however, it is essential to destroy the colonies or nests of ants, especially if they are harmful such as carpenter ants and fire ants.

find the nest of ants and destroy

There are times when you need to become quite ruthless and kill ants rather than attract outside his home. This is true in the case of carpenter ants can cause structural damage to your home. Even in the case of fire ants whose stings can actually harm people dangerously, it becomes essential to hunt their nests and kill them as soon as possible. To find the ant nest, the easiest way is to follow the ants SPOT bring food to their nests. Once you know where the nest is, it becomes easier to destroy. In general, the ants make their nests in wet areas with cracks and holes, such as framing or floor near a plumbing leak.

Once you find the nest, you can use commercially available from ant sprays, insecticides or use home remedies to get rid of ant nests. You will find many of these remedies in the following sections that deal with ways to get rid of certain types of ants.

home remedies for different types of ants

How to get rid of sugar ants

sugar ants are actually Pharaoh, pavement, or small black ants. They are not only attracted to sweet foods, but also carbohydrates like bread and fatty foods. homemade baits, traps and repellents are the best remedies to get rid of sugar ants. However, do not use repellents when these ants have infested inside your home. This will cause the dispersion and make multiple nests. Use ant repellent only on the outside.

Click borax or boric acid sugar ant bait

Borax is the basic mineral extracted from the earth. Boric acid is the refined form of borax. While borax is usually used for washing clothes, boric acid is used as a pesticide. You can, however, use any of them to get rid of ants. Both are toxic both to humans and insects. Therefore, to make use of them, be careful not to eat any of them. If you have pets or children at home, take special care while using boric acid or borax for ants.

get this:

  • borax or boric acid 1-2 tablespoons
  • sugar / honey / maple syrup / mint jelly ( (sweet anything) – 4-6 tablespoons

Do the following:

  • combine boric acid or borax with sweet food that is I used.
  • keep it in a place where the ants can get to it easily.
  • Even if a couple of ants take the bait back to the nest, all the ants are going to be killed.
  • If you have pets or children around, make a trap with this bait in a way that they remain safe.
  • to do this, place the mixture of borax-sweet in a small box. Poke holes in this box to allow ants go inside.
  • ants can not leave the box. Even if they leave, they will bring the food to their nest poison that will kill the entire colony of ants.

How to get rid of household ants odorous

odorous house ants feed on anything, including insects, honeydew, seeds, but they also prefer sweets. Therefore, borax bait made with sugar mixture sweets or other things can work well with this type of ants also. Avoid using sprays or powders odorous house ants, because this makes divide them into sub-colonies and are scattered around your house with multiple colonies. Use baits to be performed by the worker ants nests killing not only to other ants, but the queen ant too. Apart from the bait, you can also use soapy water to get rid of ants in the house. When you have children and pets around, try to do the following:

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get this:

  • cup sugar ½
  • Borax- 3 tablespoons
  • hot water 1 cup
  • Cotton balls- 4-5 or more

Do this

  • Combine warm water with sugar and borax.
  • Place cotton balls in the solution so that it is soaked by the cotton balls.
  • Place these cotton balls in shallow dishes near ant trails.

How to get rid of carpenter ants

This is one of the most dangerous types of ants that can damage the structure of your home, so finding your nest quickly and get rid of these ants as soon as possible. Look sawdust as trails on your carpets or doors. These will take the nest of carpenter ants.

Use diatomaceous earth to get rid of carpenter ants

Get food-grade diatomaceous earth (DE) that is lethal to insects, including carpenter ants. The sharp edges of diatomaceous earth cut through the body of ants and kill them. If carpenter ants ingest the DE, purge their bowels.

get this:

  • diatomaceous earth
  • eyedropper

Do the following:

  • Using the dropper, jet dry in cracks that lead to carpenter ants nests.
  • Keep spraying the nest quite often and do not forget to do so after the rains, because it is the time when these ants are most active in making their nests.

Use boric acid to kill carpenter ants

Boric acid is usually a good remedy for many carpenter ants including ants.

  • Mix some boric acid with sugar and water to a paste like thing. Place this bait to attract ants take it back to their nests and kill them all.
  • can also try spraying boric acid directly inside the nest. To do this, mix 1-2 tablespoons of boric acid with about 1-2 cups of warm water. Fill in the spray bottle and sprayed directly into the nest through the opening.

How to get rid of fire ants

Fire ants or fire ants can become dangerous for family members and pets. One of the best non-toxic ways to get rid of fire ants is by using hot water and soap.

make soap water to kill fire ants

get this:

  • Boil water 1 jar – ½ spoon (depending on the placement inside or outside the home, more outside the nests)
  • dish liquid soap 1-2 cups

Do the following:

  • Locate the nest entrance fire ants.
  • soap mixed with boiling water. You need to be very careful while using this otherwise be burned.
  • Stir well to mix the soap in hot water.
  • Pour hot water and soap in the nest. To do so gradually so that it does not overflow. It will be easier to do when the nest is in the yard or outside your home. If you know any other entrance, pour the water there too.
  • If the nest is inside the house with a small entrance, use a spray bottle or something that has a jet nozzle to spray the solution in the nest.

How to get rid of pharaoh ants

The tiny pharaoh ants often live in colonies consisting of thousands of ants. When they sense danger, queens disperse a group of workers with eggs and immature ants. Thus, many colonies are created. Therefore, it is necessary to work in such a way to kill them all at once. Do not use repellents inside to get rid of pharaoh ants as this will make everything around your house disperse. If you are outdoors, repellents can work. For interior pharaoh ants, use baits. They are basically sugar ants so baits that you have done for ants- sugar and jam with boric acid or sugar. There is another homemade bait for pharaoh ants, made with peanut butter.

Click fatty bait for pharaoh ants

get this:

  • peanut Butterworth 2 tablespoons
  • Honeywell 2 tablespoons
  • boric acid powder – ½ teaspoon

Do the following:

  • mix all ingredients to make the bait
  • can put small amounts of this bait into pieces of wax paper and put them where ants are seen.
  • Place baits where children and pets can not reach them.
  • Replace baits dry out with a new batch.

How to get rid of ants velvet

velvet ants or cow killer ants have painful bites can be very dangerous. Because they are not really ants, but the wasps, which can adopt the methods used to get rid of wasps. In fact, it is essentially necessary to remove the nests of bees or wasps ground around your home as these are the places attractive breeding ground for velvet ants. velvet ants feed on wasps and bees. Some of the ways you can take to get rid of ants velvet are listed below:

  • Remove the bees and wasps and their nests around your home. They attract velvet ants.
  • smoke, insecticides and traps can be used to get rid of bees and wasps.
  • may be used commercially available wasp murderers to kill not only wasps and bees, but also the velvet ants. These insecticides sprayed directly on velvet ants.
  • can also use hot water to kill ants and wasps velvet soapy water. If you have been able to locate her nest, pour in hot soapy water within it.

How to get rid of Argentine ants

These ants make super-colonies with thousands of employees and hundreds of queens! Therefore, it is quite difficult to get rid of Argentine ants, but it is not entirely impossible.

  • Talc is one of the traditional remedies for Argentine ants. Whenever you see Argentine ants entering their house, the plant powder with talcum powder.
  • If your garden has been invaded by Argentine ants, try using diatomaceous earth (DE). Get Diatomaceous earth food grade and line your garden with him. You might even line the area known has been infested by ants.
  • protein based baits for ants also work well for these ants. Make use of peanut butter and honey.
  • Because these ants are also fond of sweet foods, you can even use the bait made with borax and sugar or honey.
  • Boric acid and sugar water will be equally effective in eliminating Argentine ants from home.

Now you know how to identify, locate and get rid of ants. It is equipped with the essentials and fight these nasty ants to release them home.

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