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How to get rid of annoying fleas once and for all

There are about 2,525 species of fleas identified, and you can not deny their love of mammals. In fact, a review by Michael K. Rust with the University of California at Riverside reports that 96% of fleas infest mammals.

They want to invade your home, settle in and feast on you and your pets for dinner. They do not care if their house is dirty or clean, small or large, in the city or in the forest. They just want a meal and a place to reproduce.

Just ask Yvette Wentworth. She has always had a dog.

"They are a big part of my family," said Wentworth. "Since my children have been married and left and have had their own babies, now they are my babies, they have always been my babies."

Then, when he saw his dogs scratching, he knew he was in trouble.

"Panic," Wentworth described. "Absolute panic because when you have three dogs and two cats, that's really bad, epidemic proportions!"

Wentworth said that in addition to scratching, she also saw them in their pets.

"I noticed them when you walk, and if you have white socks on, they'll jump on your socks," Wentworth said. She said that they left "little bite marks on my legs". She described those bite marks as similar to none-see-um bites – a small red mark on her skin.

He went to work sucking everything he could, changing the bedding and washing everything.

"Basically, I've done a hundred loads of clothes," said Wentworth.

He called the vet, scheduled an appointment and called his pest control company.

My photographer, Todd Ofenbeck, and I went to his home in Golden Gate Estates. We meet Wentworth and Truly Nolen.

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We expected to find fleas everywhere. Instead, we found an immaculate home and an immaculately kept patio. We think, what does it matter?

First, the company had already made a treatment. In addition, Wentworth caught the unpleasant insects before the situation got out of control. So, what defines an infestation?

"An infestation would really be when you walk into the house and you automatically start feeling things biting your ankles, possibly dragging your arms," ​​said Joe Jayne, the manager of Truly Nolen's office in Naples. your pants, and you have things that crawl on your pants. "

He's not kidding. "I went into a house where I was an elderly couple, and they ate them alive," Jayne said, describing one of the worst houses he's ever been in. His cats had small flea and tick pockets. His dog had a tick, I swear it was the largest tick I've seen, and it was full of blood, still clinging and full of blood. So it's horrible. "

But wait, it gets worse. You do not have to have a pet to have fleas.

Jayne said he has received frantic calls from the owners. He said that in one case, an owner had a family of opossums living in his crawl space. The fleas climbed the boards of the floor and began to bite the owner of the house.

So he said make sure you're getting every little space.

"Treating cracks and crevices, making sure you're treating the carpets because they can get into the carpets," Jayne said. "Many times they hide behind photo frames."

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Your crew will perform at least two treatments to help you get rid of the fleas.

"We go in, we do a full intensive, and then seven to 10 days later, we go back and do another full intensive because of their incubation time," Jayne said. "We really can not kill the eggs, so I have to go back and kill the ones that were born."

The cycle:

You must break the 15-day cycle, which can take a long time because the insect will be inactive if you do not feel any vibration on the ground.

"Fleas can stay dormant for a period of up to a year until they feel that vibration, and the next thing you know is that you have an infestation again," Jayne said.

This is the reason why to aspire helps to remove the insects.

You have to treat your yard, house and pets. Do not forget to put on a preventative as well.

"The biggest mistake is thinking that you do not have to do preventive maintenance," Jayne said. "So we go in, we take care of the fleas, everything's fine, they've treated their animal, and it's a 30- to 60-day treatment for their animal that they really have to continue." They do not, and the next thing they know is that they return them to the animal. patio, and they decided that they did not want to be treated as well, and that they are infested again. "

The cost:

Source: https://www.nbc-2.com/story/40401098/how-to-get-rid-of-pesky-fleas-once-and-for-all

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