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How to get rid of an engine you don't want? Find a desperate race team!

After living with a 1996 Acura Integra GS-R engine / transmission occupying space in my garage for six years, I finally organized an engine and suspension exchange party and everything else for all my friends, I got everything that integrates hardware into my Honda Civic 1992, then managed to order the electronics and get the legal and manageable smog. That led to other problem, of course: the old and tired D15B7 engine that came with the car, in addition to the nasty brake parts and the Civic suspension that I no longer needed, devouring the garage floor space I had just cleaned. I could try to sell those things to a local civic fan, but I prefer to eat frosted glass than try to earn $ 150 selling parts to rugged Craiglist buyers. I could take all those things to the scrapper, but that is a lot of work for little money and I hate to see the useful pieces wasted. What to do?

When the time to serve as President of the 24-Hour Lemons Supreme Court in the Get Yer Phil 500 race of 2018 (yes, the name of the race incorporates my real first name) in Colorado was approaching, I took a look at the entry list and I saw that half a dozen teams with Hondas or Acuras would be competing, and I I knew that at least a couple of them would bomb their engines (any engine that can breathe beyond 7,000 rpm, as they are eager to do the Honda engines, will end up throwing a connecting rod when the driver ignores the red line to just this pass) Ideally, that Honda would be a Civic with D engine, but it would be an Integra or Prelude with B engine; When one of those teams scattered an engine on the track on Saturday, I had an offer that they can't refuse.

Dropped Packets Racing, outside Nebraska, has been running this 1991 Acura Integra in the Colorado Lemons races for many years, and the car has won the overall victory in two races and competed in many others. Dropped Packets riders have been quite disciplined about avoiding pranks that kill the engine (i.e., they only kill one engine every three races), so they didn't bother transporting a 130-horsepower B18A1 engine to the Get Yer Phil 500 Hi, all the demolition shipyards in Denver, just over an hour away, have many second-generation integrals, right?

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The thing is that teams that don't bring replacement engines often end up regretting that decision. The Integra's engine turned BLAMMO on Saturday afternoon, losing a connecting rod, drilling a hole in the engine block and wreaking havoc inside. Sometimes it is possible to remove the defective rod and piston, patch the block, hold a can of beer on the now empty crank journal (to stop the loss of oil pressure) and continue as three strokes, but the las The bowels of this B18 seemed to have gone through a large blender in the LICUAR cycle. Without wanting to miss Sunday's race session, the Dropped Packets team looked for possible donors of Integra engines at local shipyards and found … nothing.

Anticipating such an event, I had kidnapped all the parts of Honda that I wanted to go, wrapping the whole mess with official 24-hour lemon tape and placing things next to the garage door. I visited the Dropped Packets pit space and made my offer: a 250,000-mile D15B7 engine with transmission, engine computer, axles, plus additional things, for the low and low price of free. The only drawback was that they had to take it all.

Then, the Dropped Packets crew climbed into their van and drove the 75 miles to my place, where my wife opened the garage door and presented them with the stack of Honda parts.

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Loading the engine and everything else in the truck, the team returned to the track. By then, it was after midnight, but that did not prevent them from starting the engine exchange process.

The 1991 Integra is based on the fourth generation Civic, and the engine I gave these guys came from a fifth-Civic Generation They had a sufficiently large assortment of hardware mounted on the engine to take the engine / transmission to the engine compartment, but then, just when the green flag waved for the Sunday race session, they discovered that none of the wiring harness connectors of the car would be coupled with the corresponding connectors on the engine harness. Worse yet, the connectors of the 1991 Integra ECU would not connect to the 1992 Civic ECU.

From the comfortable position of having enjoyed a full night's sleep, I suggested that the team send someone to U-Pull – & – Pay, 60 miles away, and remove the harness from the chassis of a 1992 Civic D-engine. nineteen ninety five. Change it to the car, connect it to the engine and run! The Dropped Packets boys gave me the thousand-meter looks of gulag inmates who were ordered to build another 100 miles of Siberian railroad to meet the requirements of the current Five-Year Economic Plan. Then, they packed their new Honda hardware and plan to use it for some future race car.

In the long run, I was happy to give those parts to a good home, and Dropped Packets was happy to have done so, for the moment, with Engine Swap Hell. I hope to see my old engine driving a race car in the near future.

Source: https://autoweek.com/article/car-life/how-get-rid-engine-you-dont-want-find-desperate-race-team

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