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How to get rid of acne scars, according to a Derm

NOT TO DO: Cake in your makeup. Instead, allow the skin to breathe, heal and be in the most natural state possible.

NOT TO DO: Choose your skin "If the pimple bursts, is squeezed, removed or even scraped incorrectly, it can break and cause an acne scar," warns Hernandez. "Always allow the scabs to heal completely and fall off on their own. The skin under the scab is regenerating and growing, and if the scab is removed too soon and the skin cells have not had the chance to heal and return to grow, it can be left with hyperpigmentation, depression or scar. "

DO: See a true expert. "Do not risk your skin and do not search blogs, social networks or websites" do it yourself "online for help … you could risk further damaging your skin," says Nazarian.

DO: Avoid long periods of sun exposure. Carry a hat with you at all times, always wear SPF and reapply after two hours.

DO: Be patient. ""Beautiful skin requires compassion, commitment and patience," Hernandez reminds us. "It is achievable for everyone with the proper education of their own skin, in addition to consistency with the use of products at home and treatments in the office."

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