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How to Get Rid of Acne Fast | eHow.co.uk Easy Step by Step Solution

One of the main things that worry people is that their faces look unattractive. It could be very embarrassing to have skin / facial problems such as acne, pimples, etc. Acne is a skin disease that also affects many young people and adults; However, there are easy ways to get rid of acne scars.

So many products have been introduced and only a few proved to be effective. In this article, you will discover natural ways to treat acne quickly and easily.


Home remedies to get rid of acne

There are 4 main effective ways on how to treat acne scars, and they are;

Treatment with tea tree oil

Plant extracts are the main ingredients of the skin, and it is not surprising that tea tree oil is effective.
It is an extract of the native tree of Australia called Melaleuca alternifolia.
This tea oil has amazing effects such as fighting bacteria and reducing inflammation.

A tea oil does not necessarily have to be in macro amounts because it can work as low as 2 to 6%.
For example, skin care products with minimal amounts of tea tree oil have proven effective in removing pimples and acne.
In fact, it has exceeded in effect more than an acne medication called benzoyl peroxide.

However, there are few demerits in the use of this plant extract and they include; skin irritation, dryness, redness and burning sensation.
However, they are useful in the treatment of adult acne and other bacterial infections.

Mix tea tree oil with water in a ratio of 1: 9 respectively
In the mixture, dip a small dry towel and apply on the acne spots.
If necessary, apply a moisturizer to speed up the process.
Do this repeatedly, at least once a day.

Once this is done, you should see the effects in a couple of days.
Tea tree oils are available in local stores and online.

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If you don't like tea tree oil, you can also try essential oils because they are also effective.
In general, essential oils are anti-inflammatory and antibacterial in nature, so they can be used to treat acne.
As provided by documented research, essential oils have an impact on the smoothness of the skin.


There are few plants that have essential oils that could be used to treat acne completely, and they are; Rose, lavender and cinnamon.
These plants that contain essential oils are applied to the skin and the effects would be seen in a short time.
However, they are required in micro amounts because they are highly concentrated and cause skin irritation.

Mix essential oil with water in a ratio of 1: 9 respectively
In the mixture, dip a cotton swab and apply it on the shin.
Use a moisturizer, if available
Do this once or twice a day until the effects are evident.

Basil clove oil is a very good essential oil to completely eliminate acne.

Today, green tea has not only helped reduce weight, but also as a good skin product.
When applied directly to the skin, it has shown effects such as softness, soft texture, etc.
It is an oil-free product that has helped treat pimples and other skin-related diseases.
Tea contains components such as flavonoids, tannins and many other anti-inflammatory nutrients that are strong against bacteria.
Another reason why green tea is good is that it contains an antioxidant called epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) that causes an inhibition against Propionibacterium acnes (acne-causing bacteria) in acne-prone skin.

Soak the tea in hot water for a few minutes.
Let cool
Use a cotton swab to apply on your face
Rinse your face after 10 minutes or leave it overnight
Do this at least once a day.

It's only a matter of days before those clogged pores disappear and your soft face returns to normal.

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Aloe vera has been known for many years to treat all types of skin conditions, including; skin rashes, burns and even wounds.
It has wound healing effects and has been highly recommended by doctors.
In addition, one of the many things that it does is get rid of acne, although there is limited information about its effectiveness; However, its effectiveness has been demonstrated in several cases.

The main reason why Aloe vera is strongly recommended is that it contains some components such as salicylic acid, lupeol, phenols, sulfur cinnamic acid, etc.
For cost-effective localized treatments, this is an ideal option to use, since it removes pimples independently.
In addition, most creams now use Aloe vera as one of their main ingredients, tretinoin cream is a good example of one.

The gel on the outside of the Aloe vera leaves should be scraped off with a spoon or knife
Immediately, apply the gel on clogged and unobstructed pores of the skin.
Use other acne treatments, if available.
Do this repeatedly once or twice a day.

In general, using Aloe vera seems to be the easiest way to treat all types of skin conditions, such as pimples and dark marks.


Regardless of the type of scars or dark spots / marks, the above natural skin care remedies will be very effective.
However, you should explore other options if none seems to work for you; Often, you just need to change your diet.
Follow all of the above routines and you will probably see results within a few days or weeks.


In conclusion, you don't need to look further when there are easy ways to get rid of acne scars quickly; All you have to do is pay attention to what works for you and you'll be fine.


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