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How to get rid of a hickey, if somehow you're still getting hickeys

HSo teenagers, and adults who act as teenagers. If, in a fit of passion, a very enthusiastic person made a number on your neck and now you have a bruise, well, you are in the right place. It's embarrassing, but this is a safe space. The good news is that you could contain the damage. We asked a doctor to explain how to get rid of a hickey, because someone had to be the adult in the room.

So let's get to the point: you're here because you need to lose the hickey (and maybe the partner, but I'll leave that to you). I spoke with Dr. Ehsan Ali, MD, also known as "The Beverly Hills Concierge Doctor", who has helped some of his patients with the consequences of a too enthusiastic romantic encounter.

"The Hickeys appear because they burst the vessels under the skin," says Ali. "This causes the blood to accumulate in a small area, which creates a bruise." He says that the only way to cure an existing hickey is time: a couple of days, at least, and sometimes a week or more. You can, however, treat them immediately. Acting quickly will help the hickeys heal faster or hurt less. Here are Ali's suggestions for exactly that, as well as some tips to hide pacifiers, or prevent them altogether.


How to get rid of a hickey

1. Press a cold spoon on the bruise: "The back of a cold spoon will help reduce swelling," says Ali. "This has the same effect as applying ice. It contracts the blood vessels, which minimizes bruising and bleeding. "

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2. Apply aloe vera: "This will accelerate the healing process," says Ali. "The anti-inflammatory properties of aloe can also reduce inflammation of the skin and pain." GQ recommends: Jason Aloe Vera 84% lotion for hands and body.

3. Apply pressure immediately: This slows the flow of blood to the site and will prevent the bruise from getting bigger.

How to hide a hickey

1. Apply a large square bandage: There is no rhyme or reason here, except you can tell everyone that you have a cyst drained from the side of your neck, says Ali. It has worked for some of its clients, and it is a great story. (The unconditional mockery was a great story in high school, but if you're an adult, it's a little embarrassing, do not get offended.) The history of the cysts sounds more in the brand, so stay with that and know that everyone will do humorous jokes).


2. Use concealer: What a product so aptly named. The concealer can match your skin tone to cover spots like zits … and hickeys! Find a brand that offers numerous shades, such as Mënaji with its CAMO corrector, and apply it lightly, using your ring finger to mix it gently and hide it.

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3. Turtleneck and scarves: A scarf is a reliable movement, but a little questionable in the office. Maybe it's time for a black high collar.

How to prevent a hickey.

1. Avoid aspirin: "Do not take anything that dilutes the blood," says Ali about aspirin and many other painkillers. (Save it for a broken heart). "This will increase the possibility of bruising, and if a hickey appears while you're taking aspirin, the bruise will be bigger."

2. Spread love: "Avoid prolonged kissing in a specific area and make sure your partner does not keep kissing hard in an area for too long," he says.

3. Minimize the pressure: I hope your partner's idea of ​​TLC is not clinging like a leech. If that is the unfortunate truth, communicate! Or, do not say anything and just plan on breastfeeding many hickeys. But in reality, just tell your partner to put aside the intense neck massage, it's a favor for both of you.

4. If you see a hickey, apply ice immediately: Or something colder. I said this before, but it's worth repeating: "The pressure of something cold (like the back of a spoon that you put in the freezer) prevents the bruise from getting bigger or more painful," says Ali.

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