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How to get rid of a hangnail

reThe fact of covering a knot is similar to finding an annoying pimple: you curse the little bastard at first sight, knowing that a painful elimination and a too long recovery period await you. And, somehow, they also break down like acne: every time you have a problem, you usually get a few at a time.

I can hear all the questions in your head: How do beehives occur? Why does # @ $ & ing hurt so much? How do I prevent them from occurring in the first place, or eliminate them safely?

In anticipation of these questions (and how, uh, I had the same …), I consulted dermatologist James Collyer, MD, of Modern Dermatology in Seattle. He gave me a little practical tips on how to cure hanged nails, as well as prevent them so that we never have to suffer again.


How do beehives occur? What are we doing wrong?

"Hives are produced when small pieces of skin tear near the cuticle," says Collyer. "They can be the result of a variety of things, like biting your nails, a bad manicure, dry skin, using harsh detergents and soap, cold temperatures and" water-filled "hands (like when you're in the pool too long.) Any of these things causes the skin to become brittle and susceptible to cracking. " It is these conditions and habits that often result in multiple crashes at the same time, in different digits or even in opposite hands.

Why do cigarette butts hurt so much?

"They hung because they hurt because there are so many nerve endings at the tips of your fingers," says Collyer.

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How the hell do you avoid getting them?

"Do not get too close to the cuticle when you trim your nails," he says. And, if you must trim your own cuticles, first soften them with warm water, then push them back with the extension of your nail clippers (it's designed to lift and loosen the cuticle). Cut slowly, or if you are skilled with manicure scissors, and somewhat ambidextrous, use those to cut excess skin. Or just treat yourself to a manicure, man.

"Hydration can help prevent hives, especially when you see an ointment or balm, because they moisturize and protect the skin better than cream or lotion," says Collyer. "I use the Doctor Rogers Restore repair balm on my cuticles and nails, which prevents the skin from cracking." He also recommends soaking your hands once a week for 10-15 minutes and then applying the balm immediately. "And, of course, do not soak for hours in the pool, or leave in the cold without gloves.


It's okay. But if I already have a hangnail, what do I do with it?

"First of all, do not steal them!" Asks Collyer. "Then, wash your hands and use sterile scissors to cut the cuticle to the level of the skin but not deeper, then apply an ointment. We know that wounds that stay moist heal better. Sometimes, hives can cause inflammation of the cuticle (called paronychia), and topical steroids such as 1% hydrocortisone or a doctor's prescription may be necessary. "After applying a balm or ointment, you can help cover the Hive with a Band-Aid, especially if you're still stuck in things.

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And that? How do I do it better?

Much of the healing process is similar to preventive routine, apart from some prescriptive ointments: "Moisten after washing hands and do not use soaps that dry excessively," says Collyer. "Apply balm or ointment directly in the area. If the cuticle becomes red and inflamed, apply 1% cream hydrocortisone twice daily for 3 to 4 days. "Skin likes to be wet, so it's good to soak it but again, and most importantly, retain the moisture after soaking it with an ointment or moisturizer, otherwise the skin can dry out and cause more hives."

If you follow Collyer's advice and pick up the pendant carefully, you should get rid of it and heal it within a week. "If you do not cut the plug back, it could continue to traumatize you and take a long time to heal you," Collyer warns. "If the cuticle swells or becomes painful, you should consult your doctor to make sure there is no infection," says Collyer. "Hives often include a break in the skin, so this can be a direct route to infection."

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