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How to get rid of & # 039; tech neck & # 039;

Do you have necklines? Not only the necklines of aging.

Younger and younger people have those folds in their neck. What exactly causes them and what is the best way to treat them?

Doctors see more and more young people trying to get rid of necklines.

They say that young people are receiving lines earlier because of what is called "technological neck." They are watching their devices all the time.

But don't worry, there are treatments and prevention for those unwanted neck lines.

"If you don't wrinkle a piece of paper, you won't have a crease, so do the same with your neck," said Dr. Forrest Roth.

The Houston plastic surgeon says that the necklines are multifaceted.

Sometimes they are genetic, sometimes they are weight gain.

And some people can get "technical neck" necklines looking down for long periods of time.

"Younger people who use their computers and tablets and use iPhones, of course, can also get necklines by constantly being in the flexible position. So I always tell people that they should keep their shoulders back and keep their chins on high and if not "When wrinkling the skin of the neck, it is not likely to have wrinkles," Roth said.

But if you don't want to work on your posture, Dr. Roth says you can try to prevent them by using retinol and sunscreen in your daily routines.

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But once those folds form, you will need something more aggressive, such as microneedles.

"It has small needles that penetrate the skin sometimes into the skin and sometimes through the skin," Roth said.

People who receive microneedles will need to use an anesthetic cream on their face to make sure there is no pain during the procedure.

Once finished, the body creates collagen as it repairs the small holes, giving people a smoother and brighter skin.

There is also a more aggressive treatment called radiofrequency or RF.

"We can deliver a pulse of energy once we cross the skin and really stimulate that collagen and help your body heal. Botox is better for vertical bands caused by neck muscles. Those transverse lines or folds are best performed with frequencies. radio or these other treatments, "said Roth.

Microneedling costs $ 375 and is recommended at least four times a year. The procedure takes about half an hour.

The other more aggressive treatment called Morpheus uses radiofrequency and costs about $ 2,000 for three treatments.

For more information, you can visit Dr. Forrest Roth's website.

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