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How to Get Enough Nutrients When You’re on a Vegan Diet

If you are thinking of going on a vegetarian diet because of all the vitamins, nutrients and minerals you will get all these healthy choices you will eat, not taking into account that it is possible that the choice of foods that could not have everything as what you may have thought at first picking, especially when talking about protein. For many, many their source of protein is meat, but since you’re about to, or already in a no meat and dairy diet, then you may not be getting the amount of protein for your body. Read on to learn what to eat for a complete nutrient solution, even if now has a plant-based diet.

How to Get Enough Nutrients When You're on a Vegan Diet

Get the right nutrients even when you are ‘are on a vegetarian diet

As mentioned above, when you are opting for a diet vegan you may not be getting enough protein. This is because the protein is normally found in foods of animal origin. Also fact chains of amino acids, and some of them are known to be essential for the body, especially when it comes to production of muscle. Protein also helps in the body’s immune system, as well as hormone production. There are large vegetable sources of protein, such as soy-based products. Wheat gluten or seitan, is also a good source of this nutrient. There are also nuts, grains, seeds and certain vegetables that do contain rich amounts of protein too.

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Another thing you could be losing a lot when you’re take a vegetarian diet is vitamin B12. It is recommended that the body needs 2.4 micrograms of vitamin B12 on a daily basis. It is necessary for the formation of red blood cells and for the proper functioning of nerves and brain. You can take vitamin B12 supplements, or can also eat cereals, soy, and even meat substitutes. Nori seaweed is a great alternative to get your vitamin B12 mixture.

In the future, it also may not have enough iron intake when you opt for a diet vegan . Now, the recommended daily intake of iron varies with age and sex, and varies from 8 to 18, milligrams per day. Premenopausal women need most of this mineral. On the positive side, there are plant-based foods that are rich in iron, and these include beans, peas, nuts, seeds, dried foods and other foods fortified with iron, such as enriched breads and cereals.

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