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How To Eliminate Cholesterol Deposits Around Your Eyes, Easy And Naturally

Xanthelasma the unevenness of fat that develop under the skin in the inner canthus gornjek eyelid which most often affects people between 40 and 60 years who have high cholesterol, diabetes or cirrhosis. Therefore our first advice is to do blood work and check your cholesterol and sugar. The sooner begin to solve your problem with a healthy diet, physical activity and stress reduction. That way you will reduce high cholesterol and high sugar and you will feel better.

When you do all this, you can try some of these natural solutions, which we introduce in this article:

Garlic contain enzyme that helps in the fight with xanthelasma and is very much useful for samenjenje high cholesterol.

1. Take a few cloves garlic and make a paste of them. This paste is put on the sore area and cover it with gauze to garlic does not enter the eye. Allow this mixture for 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse it with warm water. Repeat this procedure once a day for several days until xanthelasma disappears.

2. Other way to help yourself when you have xanthelasma is to eat 2-3 cloves garlic on an empty stomach every day.

Our advice: First, before you try any natural remedy, consult with your doctor and Second do not use a paste of garlic to treat xanthelasma if you have sensitive skin and never leave the garlic for a long time on your skin to avoid damaging the skin.

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Due to the high content of enzymes which have strong antioxidant properties, banana peel is very effective to eradicate xanthelasma and is also safe to use.

All you have to do is to cut a small portion of banana peel and a apply it on the painful spot and then put a sticky tape. Leave it to work all night and in the morning remove crust and a nicely rinse the eye with warm water. Repeat the process several times until xanthelasma disappears.

Almonds are the most effective for reducing high blood cholesterol.

1.Therefore, prepare a paste of milk and one teaspoon of almond powder, apply it to the painful area and leave to dry. Then wipe with a wet finger around and re-apply the paste. This procedure is done 2 times a day no more, until xanthelasma disappears.

2.Also you can leave 4-5 almonds in water during the night and eat them in the morning when you get up. It will help you to fight xanthelasma.



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