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How To Eliminate A Tooth Infection At Home

Tooth Infection

A common form of dental infection is a dental abscess. It is a collection of infected material, commonly known as pus which is formed due to bacterial infection. This occurs in the center of a tooth. tooth infections are usually caused by bacterial infections, although the causes can be many. Symptoms however, are common with certain other symptoms. No matter what type of dental infection is suffering, there are many effective home remedies that you can apply them in order to find relief from these painful diseases.

causes of tooth infection

When one suffers from an abscessed tooth, which is a complication that occurs outside the dental caries. It may arise from:
• The trauma that comes to the tooth when the tooth is broken or chipped
• There may be openings formed in the tooth enamel that allows bacteria to infect the center of the tooth or the pulp
• the infection can spread from the root of the tooth to the bones that support the teeth
• Due to accumulation of pus there is swelling of the tissue inside the tooth causing tooth infection

symptoms of infection tooth

symptoms of dental infection may be several. In fact, no matter what causes tooth infection, many find the symptoms to be extremely painful and unbearable:
• forms bitter taste in the mouth
• When not severe toothache nerves are sensitized with pain and produces a shooting or stabbing pain in the temples
• odor in the breath may develop due to infection
• Fever come on
• There is general discomfort, even if the pain is mild
Teeth becomes sensitive to hot or cold items consumed
• the gum may swell and look like a pimple
• upper or lower jaw may swell

home remedies to get rid of tooth infection

There are many home remedies that you can apply them to obtain relief and get rid of dental infection.

1. Avoid Hot Items

You should avoid eating foods that aggravate hot tooth infection
• Consume drinks at room temperature
• Avoid eating or drinking beverages too hot and foods

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2. Try ice

If you have inflammation in the jaw, you can use an ice pack:
• If you put it on the right cheek above the infected area will provide relief
• the cold helps relieve the pain to some extent

3. Gargle with


When you gargle with salt and clean, warm water can help relieve inflammation
• When gargling with salt and water solution salt acts as a mild antiseptic
• inflammation is controlled by frequent gargling

4. Use peroxide solution

peroxide is known to be a great antiseptic to treat tooth infections
• a peroxide solution can be used to rinse the mouth frequently
• Salt and peroxide solution can help control infection

5. the use of baking sodium Bentonite Aztec Mix

Many homes have toothpaste Bentonite to ensure the health of the teeth. When one is suffering from dental infection that can use it as follows:
• Clay can be mixed with sodium bicarbonate in order to make a thick
dough • The stain should be placed on the affected area
• If you are taking out pus, then it must be removed with cotton balls clean and wet
the above method will take time if the infection is severe. But it will get the infection under control within a day or two.

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6. Try alcohol

It is known that Alcohol has antiseptic properties:
• you can take a shot of whiskey or other alcoholic beverage and swirl in the mouth
• Alcohol will help control infection and reduce inflammation

7. Try some of the ingredients in the kitchen as extracts

When the toothache is serious and you need something to control inflammation could use:
• a cotton swab dipped in extract vanilla
• peppermint extract
• lemon or almond extract

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8. the tea tree oil

When you have a dental infection that can be controlled with oil tea tree:
• Add a few drops of warm water
• Stir the solution in the mouth for a few seconds

9. oregano oil

oregano oil You are known to work wonders when used against the tooth or infected gum:
• you could add a few drops of olive oil to a cotton swab
• to add a few drops of oil of oregano
• the cotton swab could also be dipped in warm water
This is due out against infected for some time to provide relief tooth.

10. The apple cider vinegar

stroke, which is the short form of apple cider vinegar is known to work wonders on infected tooth and helps reduce toothache
• a cotton ball soaked in vinegar apple cider and held in place of the infected tooth will provide relief
• you could also try the regular vinegar is available in most kitchens

11. Try ginger

you could get relief from ginger juice:
• Take a fresh piece of ginger
• Chew on him to release the juices

12. try to mash

One could try to get relief from raw potato juice:
• a piece of fresh potato should be cut and peeled off
• the slice of raw potato should be crushed and salt is added to it. This placed against the infected tooth help reduce infection.

Have you suffered from toothache? You will know the kind of suffering it brings. However, with the help of simple and effective home remedies one can surely find relief. It is more important to get to the root of the infection and heal the source. Do not you realize what can cause a dental infection? Read the information above to find the possible causes. Symptoms and remedies will help you deal with the problem yourself at home.

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