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How To Effectively Handle Work Related Stress

How To Effectively Handle Work Related Stress

The statistics on stress in the workplace are staggering with half of respondents in studies reporting that face higher levels of stress at work. Stress is a silent murderer and can lead to serious health problems such as stroke and heart attack.stress in the workplace could be due to excessive workloads, unclear responsibilities, lack of control, unrealistic deadlines and noisy working environment.

While it is a good thing to be competitive and excel in what you are doing, it is also very important to learn to cope with stress and take life easy. We remember, we only live once! Here are some simple and effective ways to manage workplace stress:

1. Look for support at work

Research has shown that having a good friend at work reduces the chances of quitting. Share your thoughts with another person not only reduces stress levels, but it could also lead to the discovery of new ways to handle difficult situations. Take proactive steps to be more friendly and cheerful at work measures.

2. Better manage work

Try to prioritize better and not expect perfection in every task. If your paper is overloaded, try talking to your manager to reduce the load or if possible, to delegate some work. Accepting that you have certain limits on productivity and not try to prove himself by overwork.


3. Get Moving

is a proven fact that exercise in any form reduces stress levels. Try to exercise for half an hour every day as walking, swimming, playing sports or running. You can walk short breaks at work can add up to half an hour in a day.

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4. Try breathing exercises

Deep breathing for four seconds of inhalation and exhalation can reduce stress levels immediately. You can try alternating breathing exercises ie long inhale with one nostril and out the other nostril, which provides focus and energy in the morning before starting work.

5. Taking a nap

10 minutes to close your eyes goes a long way in recharging your tired brain. Any more than 15 minutes will end up making stunned. Just put your head on the desk, and clear your mind of all thoughts for 10 minutes.

6. Eat Right

The food has a great role to play in determining stress levels. Avoid processed foods, sugar and high amount of refined carbohydrates like flour, white rice, etc. Maintaining glucose levels in the blood by eating more complex carbohydrates that are slowly digested carbon as ragi, jowar, Bajra gives steady energy levels throughout the day.

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7. Get enough sleep

Overworked employees often reduce sleep and try to squeeze in work at night. In the long term, this practice can seriously affect your health and leads to more stress. The dream of a night of rest of at least 6 hours is compulsory for all adults. Lack of sleep causes irritability and decreased ability to handle stress. Do not look at laptop screens, television or phone when you’re trying to sleep.

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you have to take charge of their own work-life balance and draw the line in which you feel uncomfortable, because nobody will do it for you. Overwork could provide short-term benefits in terms of recognition and promotion, but it causes emotional, mental and physical exhaustion in the long run. Stay healthy, stay happy with 1 mg, Leading online store Indian medicine !

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