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How to eat healthy at an Indian restaurant


Choose snacks with caution
Most Indian appetizers are fried and that represents, in the delicious taste. Stay away from the cocktail samosas, pakoras and Vadas. Lovneet Batra, clinical nutritionist, Fortis La Femme and Sports Authority of India, says, “avoid anything that restructuring because it has a lot of fat and starch. For example, harabhara and vegetables kebab seekh. Instead , go for healthy pieces cooked in tandoor like mushrooms tandoori or Gobi. “

Avoid sauces on the main course

When it comes to the main course, most sauces are loaded with cream and ghee. The trick is to choose the vegetables and chow down. Opt for dishes that are a good combination of protein and healthy carbohydrates like lababdar paneer. Do not be fooled into thinking that makhni dal is healthy. “Dals prepared in restaurants are high in calories. To improve the taste, lots of ghee is used in TADKA and butter and cream scoops are added to improve the texture,” adds Batra. Your best choices are tandoori roti cereal and steamed rice. Naan and parathas avoid that are made from Maida.

Opt for protein and fiber

Indian food has a variety of options when it comes to vegetables, which provide the right amount of protein and fiber. Doing so chole (chickpeas) or rajma (beans) or lobiya (black eyed peas) -they will keep you full for longer. Do not forget the humble yogurt raita which not only provides protein and calcium, but also aids in digestion.

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