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How To Easily Remove The Ring Stuck On Your Finger

many of us have often wear ring. If it is an engagement ring, a wedding ring or just a friendship ring, sometimes we forget what that leads to the misfortune of having a stuck ring on our fingers.

can be painful and difficult to remove. The worst, can cause bloating. When joints and / or tissue swells, preventing him from removing the ring.

Swelling perhaps due to the greater amount of salt in our body that we consumed the previous day, or simply due to weight gain over time.

If this happens to you, do not panic! For every problem there is a solution. When you can not simply slide the ring, try these steps to safely remove a ring

1. Squirt lubricant such as soap or oil on your finger.

2. Raise hand overhead for 5-10 minutes with ice around the ring and finger.

3. Use dental floss or thread to compress the swollen finger.

4. Slide the thread or dental floss under the jammed with most of it toward the fingertip ring.

5. Starting at the top of the ring, comfortably wrapping your finger with thread / yarn around and around, squeezing the finger, all the way up and over the knuckle.

6. In order that was under the ring, they begin to unwrap the thread or dental floss with the slide ring over the knuckle on the fly.

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