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How to Do Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes?

Do you know how to do eye makeup for brown eyes perfect way? Do not worry. After all, we can not be a professional at all. So we are sharing some tips and tricks of makeup brown eyes with you in this post. You can find a number of tricks eye makeup and makeup ideas for brown eyes over the Internet. However, you have to be diligent here.

The best part of brown eyes makeup is that any color can supplement their eyes flawlessly. Still, it is best to choose the one that goes well with a tone of coffee in her eyes.

To learn how to make your eyes look bigger perfectly then here are some simple tricks that will definitely help you …

ideas makeup for brown eyes

eye ​​makeup for brown eyes starts with choosing the right color on it. Judging by the latest fashion for Smokey brown eyes, you can also take the help of online tutorials. So, here goes –

Brown Eyes Makeup

magnificent Eye makeup ideas for brown eyes!

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Quick Eye makeup tricks for brown eyes

For a perfect looking brown eyes makeup, you can start with understanding the shade of brown that you possess.

  • For women with dark brown eyes, choose anything from medium to dark shades of color makeup.
  • medium brown eyes are flattered by any green gold with brightness and depth.
  • light brown eyes look their best with shades like pale yellow.


Click for Follow this tutorial that will give some simple steps that include makeup tricks amazing eyes .. .

Here are the steps for makeup brown eyes


you can do these simple steps –

  • Start your makeup with choosing a solid foundation that will give the perfect platform. This will help makeup stay longer. Choose the base color that goes well with your skin tone and use of fingers or eye brush to spread it evenly.
  • Unfortunately, if you have dark circles, hide with concealer under eyes. Apply gently and mix well until it just matches your skin.
  • Apply any shade of eye shadow lightly. Start from eyebrows. After that, apply a layer of shade in the middle fold. Keep dark eye shadow to the eyelid only. Here, you can give dramatic look to your eyes with glitter intended. However, if you prefer simple and casual looks, go for neutral tones.
  • then eye ​​makeup for brown eyes requires choosing the right eyeliner. I prefer simple colors like dark brown or mauve for casual looks while for dramatic eyes, go for colors like bronze or gold eyeliner color. metallic eyeliners eyes work best for evenings. the simplest to follow tip here is the choice for lighter eyes and vice versa. You can also play with the eyeliner by choosing the top cover and lighter for.

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Tutorial for eye makeup Smokey eyes for Brown


Who would not love brown eyes? If so does, you can experiment with makeup smoky eyes. Eye makeup for brown eyes lights up his eyes to the most attractive feature of its beauty. Here a simple tutorial makeup for brown eyes is given:

Things you need to brown eyes makeup-

  • Light brown eye shadow
  • dark brown shade
  • shadow
  • Mate shadow
  • shade and Black
  • coating

  • Mascara

If you do not know how to apply eye shadow without problems then you should follow this link to an easy tutorial …

this eye makeup tutorial will solve your questions and get to know how to apply makeup for brown eyes.

  • Apply primer on and is completely covered with the shadow of light brown
  • Apply darker shade fold, leading to the outside. The outside of the eyelid, apply the shadow with glitter.
  • In the lower lash line, apply shadow dark brown and give forth brush strokes for looks.
  • Apply gold eye shadow to the inner corners and inside of the eyelid. Use the highlight of the forehead.


  • Use a black liner to line the upper lashes and smudge that looks dramatic.
  • Use matte shadow to deepen outer corners extending outward.
  • Apply liner to line the lower lashes and smudge again.
  • deepen the upper lash line with a coat over his shirt.
  • Use mascara on the lashes
  • Apply a little on the waterline to complete the look.

To make eyebrows at home, follow these steps and that will certainly shape as a professional.

[Sigueestos eye ​​makeup tips for brown eyes for those beautiful brown eyes and dramatically beautiful and yes … do not forget to share your experiences with us!

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