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How to do Away With Whiteheads

Whiteheads also known as closed comedones, are solid white bumps that can be found mainly on the face caused by a collection of dead skin cells and oil. Besides being white, they can sometimes be yellowish. Due to the combination of oil and dead skin cells usually they can be found in individuals with oily skin. A time alone and untreated, can form blackheads and pimples even. It should be noted that you should never pop them because they can lead to infection, growth and spread of pimples, and even stains. Read on to learn how to get rid of blackheads without damaging your skin in the process.

How to do Away With Whiteheads

Treatment of blackheads correctly and naturally

One way to treat white spots is the use of a mixture of egg and honey. This is because both have properties clearing whitehead. Should take this path, mix both the egg and honey too. Then apply the mixture all over your face and keep it there for fifteen to twenty minutes. Once that time has elapsed, rinse the mask off with warm water after. You may notice that your pores shrink and the appearance of white spots would have reduced (or may even disappear after this).

The use of apple cider vinegar is also another way of treat pimples . Apple cider vinegar works as an astringent, and is a great way to remove excess fat from the skin. Moreover, it also has antibacterial properties that can also fight acne, and along with other skin problems. If you want to go on using apple cider vinegar, then put 2 tablespoons of it in a cup of warm water. Then soak a cotton ball in the mixture and apply it on the affected areas. Leave the mixture on the skin for ten to fifteen minutes before rinsing with warm water.

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can also use baking soda to remove shins naturally. Moreover, the use of sodium bicarbonate will get rid of the situation relatively quickly. Baking soda also helps maintain the pH balance of the skin. When baking soda is used, take two to three teaspoons of it and mix with a small amount of water to form a smooth, thick paste. Place the mixture on the affected areas and leave it there for fifteen to twenty minutes. Wet it with warm water afterwards.

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