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How To Cure Thyroid Naturally – 9 Steps To Maintain Thyroid Health

cure thyroid naturally

thyroid is a small butterfly-shaped organ located in the part front of the neck. It is an important gland in the endocrine system, which helps keep fat metabolism, regulates body temperature and also plays an important role in the circulatory and nervous system, menstrual health, the integrity of the skin, etc. If you have hypo- or hyperthyroidism and want to know natural remedies that can cure permanently, then use the following steps to treat your natural thyroid disease.

1. Eat healthier

The best natural way to cure thyroid permanently is through diet. If you have been eating junk food, for example, 5 times a week, then try to reduce it to once a week. You therefore have to select based on the type of thyroid disease that has food. Overall:

  • Best foods for hypothyroidism – Fresh vegetables (choose organic varieties), ginger, carrots, lemons, limes, salmon or wild fish, nuts especially walnuts Brazil, macadamia nuts, whole grains and algae.
  • Foods to avoid for hypothyroidism -. The cruciferous vegetables, refined grains, added sugars and fatty meats
  • Best Foods for hyperthyroidism -. Berries, cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, kale, cabbage and cauliflower, salmon, turkey and low-fat dairy
  • Foods to avoid for hyperthyroidism -All foods iodine, enriched flour, red meat, added sugars, whole milk and caffeine.

2. Keep your levels of blood sugar under control

This is an essential home cure thyroid step. Stay away from refined foods to maintain investment levels of blood sugar. Instead, choose healthy foods like nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables.

3. Bask


Vitamin D is linked with Hashimoto’s disease and Graves’ disease both of which result from poor thyroid function. Vitamin D is essential for bone formation and can be obtained through foods such as fatty fish, eggs, mushrooms, etc. In addition, the doctor may recommend a vitamin D supplement can also relax in the morning sun that is very healing. Walking or sunbathing in the morning sun for at least 15 minutes to balance the immune system, as well as levels of calcium and vitamin D.

4. Take good quality nutritional supplements / herbs

nutritional supplements and high quality herbs can also cure the thyroid naturally, as long as choose those that are best absorbed by the body. Not all supplements are created equal, so be sure to do your research and choose wisely.

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Supplements and herbs for Graves’ disease or hyperthyroidism

  • Bugleweed
  • Agripalma
  • Lemon balm
  • L-carnitine
  • selenium
  • magnesium
  • eleuthero

Supplements and herbs for hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s disease

  • vitamins B
  • selenium
  • magnesium
  • Ashwagandha- Take 125 mg of 0.8% extracts of this herb.
  • fucus-This is a type of seaweed that stimulates sluggish thyroid function. It contains large amounts of iodine. This natural herb is also used to treat other diseases such as diarrhea, arthritis, anxiety, etc. Take up to 200 mg daily supplement fucus.
  • Yodo This is a must for hypothyroidism. Eat iodine-rich foods such as eggs, oatmeal, fish, parsley, potatoes, bananas, radishes and yogurt. black walnut is a fantastic source of iodine and is one of the best remedies to cure hypothyroidism naturally.
  • Ginseng- Siberian ginseng can increase the welfare of a sluggish thyroid and also control hormone levels. Talk to your doctor about the right dose.
  • Ginger This natural herb is rich in magnesium, zinc and potassium. You can activate the functioning of the thyroid. Use grated raw ginger in your recipes for soups, curries, stews, etc. You can also make tea with ginger and honey and drink 3-4 times a day.

General supplements for both hyper- and hypothyroidism

  • Echinacea
  • talus
  • Selenium
  • root Hemidesmus
  • Take fish oil 3000 mg of fish oil or 1 tablespoon of flaxseed oil. You can also eat a tablespoon of flaxseed a day in powder form.
  • Take DHEA if your levels are low. 5 to 15 mg of DHEA can help.
  • Take 150 mg of GLA from borage oil or evening primrose oil.
  • Nettle- This herb is beneficial for both hyper- and hypothyroidism. The best way to use this herb to treat natural thyroid is to drink nettle tea and herbal drink three times a day.

5. Eat coconut oil

Coconut oil increases the metabolism rate and also stimulates sluggish thyroid, whereas hyperthyroidism calm. Always use pure oil, organic coconut.

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6. Exercise

One important way to cure thyroid naturally is through exercise. Yoga is one of those exercises that can regulate hormone function. To cure the thyroid through yoga, it should be done after daily asanas.

Kapalbhati -This is a forceful breathing technique also called bright skull breathing technique. Here are the steps. Kapalbhati do pranayam thyroid for at least 15 minutes a day.

Sarvangasana (shoulder stand) and Halasana – These two yoga postures for patients thyroid help regulate hyper and hypothyroidism. Avoiding these asanas if you have heart problems, high blood pressure or cervical problems.


yoga to improve thyroid health


yoga to improve thyroid health

fatigue can be a barrier to exercise in thyroid conditions. Always start slow and gradually increase to improve endurance. You can walk for 20-30 minutes a day for a couple of weeks later and gradually increase the duration and intensity. Do not overdo things; at the same time, try to be as regular as possible.

7. Get sleep quality

Try to sleep at least 8-9 hours. You can get some tips to overcome insomnia and wakefulness, following advice given here .

8. Dealing with stress

If you are looking to treat thyroid without medicine, is an important step to prevent stress. Meditation, yoga and deep breathing are some techniques that can combat stress. In addition, daily exercise of 30 minutes can help. You can also read positive books to help you stay motivated and happy. Also meeting friends, watching funny movies and your hobbies and interests can reduce stress.

9. Heal the thyroid naturally with homeopathy

For low thyroid with symptoms such as chills, fatigue, or the tendency to be overwhelmed, you can take Calcarea Carbonic. The homeopath may prescribe the most appropriate dose for your medical history and symptoms. Take 6X, 12X, 6 C or 12 C power. To expand the right side of the thyroid accompanied by symptoms such as bloating and gas, which could take Lycopodium. A homeopath can drive more.

Use these 9 natural remedies to cure thyroid permanently.

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