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How To Cure Moles, Skin Tags, Blackheads, Warts and Age Spots Naturally

People of all ages can experience skin problems and diseases and treatments can be very delicate. There are about 3,000 different skin diseases, but the most common are moles, skin tags, blemishes, warts and blackheads.

If you notice a change in odor, color or texture of your skin, you could face a skin problem that needs to be treated. There are pharmaceutical drugs that can be used as a treatment, but sometimes can be aggressive and harsh on the skin.

However, there are natural solutions that can be used for skin diseases.

  1. Moles

Moles are not a serious problem and that occur in the skin. However, if the mole changes in size or color can be an indication of cancer.

However, the use of garlic and apple cider vinegar can also help remove moles. Here are some useful recipes.

garlic is very effective in treating moles. Before applying the garlic, clean the mole and the skin around it with Vaseline or tape. You can also use beeswax and put Vaseline oil. Then apply garlic topically and bandaging ensure the mole. Do this until you have positive results.

  • Sodium bicarbonate and castor oil

Make a paste like mixture of these ingredients and apply on the mole. Bandaging the mole and leave it on overnight. Rinse skin the next morning well. To do this, every night until you see positive results.

Take a cotton ball, soak in ACV and applied directly to the dock. Be sure to put a bandage and leave for eight hours. Do this until you notice an improvement!

  1. wart

warts occur as a consequence of HPV or human papilloma virus. The usual treatment is freezing or silicic acid. Wrap duct tape warts can also be effective times. Here are some natural treatments that can help remove warts.

All you need to do is rub the wart with a banana peel every night until the wart is gone completely.

Apply some honey on your wart, sell the area and let acts. Honey warts prevent recurrence.

Soak a cotton ball in ACV and apply on the wart. Place a bandage over it and leave it overnight. Wash in the morning and do this until the wart disappears.

application of garlic on the wart for 14 days completely eliminated.

  1. Tags

Skin tags can be found usually around the upper chest, neck, eyelids and armpits. Rubbing the skin is usually what causes them. The most common treatments for them is freezing, cut and tie. However, read about some natural alternatives.

Take a cotton ball, soak it in ACV, squeeze out excess liquid and apply it on the affected area.

drop some tea tree oil on a cotton ball, previously soaked in water. Then press on the affected area and put a bandage over it. Do this 2 or 3 times daily and will soon see the amazing effects.

  • Castor oil and baking soda

Mix these ingredients into a paste and then apply it on the skin. Place a bandage over it and do this 2 or 3 times daily.

  1. Spots

The dark spots occur with age and can appear on the face or limbs. What causes dark spots is not clear, but exposure to the sun and liver irregularities are some of the causes.


Here are some natural treatments for dark spots.

Lemons dark spots can disappear. Just take a cotton ball and apply it on the dark spots twice daily.

Take premium Aloe Vera, which apply in the place and leave for half an hour.

Onions have a number of uses and removing dark spots is certainly one of them. Liquefy or onion juice and apply it directly on the dark stain. Soak for about 10 to 15 minutes and then wash well. Do this until the stains disappear!

Make a mixture of vinegar and horseradish and rub a little in his dark daily points. You will see positive results over time and dark spots disappear.

vitamin C serums that are homemade are perfect for removing dark spots. All you need do is apply topically and wait for positive results.

  1. Clean clogged pores

Clogged pores occur when the skin is in contact with dirt. However, here are some natural remedies.

mixture of lemon and sugar to a paste. Then use a cotton ball to apply to the skin. Massaging the skin with circular motions. Then wash the skin with warm water.

Steam is very beneficial for the skin. Start with washing the face, and then put it in a boiling water. Use a towel and cover your head to get the best results.

Do this for 10 to 15 minutes. After that, wash your face with warm water. Apply a little vinegar to remove any additional dirt.

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