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How To Cleanse Your Lungs In 3 Days To Avoid Lung Cancer!

A lung cleansing helps detoxify and cleanse the respiratory delicate linings of the bronchi and lungs often have an accumulation of environmental toxins and irritating harmful organisms.

is promotes normal functioning of the lungs, reduces swelling and inflammation, and rejuvenates the vitality and lung strength.

Furthermore, helps clear mucus from the airways and improves circulation to the lungs.

The cleaning of the lungs is not a very complicated task. You can easily do with some home remedies combined with lifestyle and dietary changes.

Just one cup of tea this incredible improve the work of the intestines and that will lead to the rapid get rid of toxins.

Pay attention, this is very important step, your lungs should not be overloaded during the detoxification process.


– 2 lemons, medium sized
– 1 cup (300 ml) or pineapple juice grape
– 1 cup (300 ml) of carrot juice
– 1 and a (400 ml) of juice half cup rich in potassium
– 1 and a half cup (400 ml) of juice cranberry
– 300 ml of water


1. Squeezed juice of two lemons and mix with 300 ml of water.

2. Drink this lemon juice before breakfast.

3. After finishing breakfast, drink 1 cup fresh pineapple or grapefruit juice. These juices are rich in natural antioxidants, which are very useful in improving lung health.

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4. Between breakfast and lunch, drink a cup of carrot juice squeezed. The carrot is perfect for improving the circulation of blood.

5. During lunch, drink the juice rich in potassium. Potassium is an essential element in clearing the lungs
Recipe for juice :.

In a blender put 200 grams of watercress, 350 grams of green peppers, cucumbers and 350 grams of 350 grams of parsnips. You get about 400 ml of juice.

6. Finally, before going to bed, drink 1 glass of juice of fresh blueberries.

Important note:
Two days before starting this procedure, you must avoid dairy products. On the night before the first day of this method, you should drink a cup of herbal tea before going to bed.

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