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How To Change The Color Of Your Hydrangeas Like Magic

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hydrangeas, the popular garden shrub with delicate flowers in pink, white and blue, is more fascinating than it seems.


Because the flowers of this beautiful plant have the ability to dramatically change color.

Perhaps you’ve already noticed a change in color on their own bewildering bushes and could not find out why.

Well, the secret behind his chameleon qualities is quite simple – is soil pH


And now we know that the ability to change the hydrangeas to suit your garden is well within your control. It is more difficult than a science experiment school, although it requires a little more dedication and patience.

If growing your hydrangeas in containers or want to change from pink to blue, will be a little easier than those who want to change from blue to pink. Naturally, container gardening it means you have much more control over the pH and the condition of your soil.

However, if you have white or cream hydrangeas sorry – you’re stuck with them, their color normally not be altered. If you’re lucky, at the end of the season you may see some pink tint, but that’s all.

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Change hydrangeas from pink to blue

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