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How To Buy Organic On A Budget: 11 Tips & Tricks To Cut Costs

How To Buy Organic On A Budget: 11 Tips & Tricks To Cut Costs

If you have read our previous article then know why a little extra expense to buy organic products is so important. If you have not read it yet, you really should! You can read here: here is no convincing evidence why you should start eating organic Now

The only problem? Eating organic may be a bit more expensive. In this article we will reveal how you can easily cut the cost so you can switch to organic without hurting your bank account.

Why is it so expensive Organic?

There is no denying that certified organic food is more expensive than its conventional equivalent. In fact, on average costing 47% more !

According to the Organization Food and Agriculture of the United States this difference is due to:

  • organic food supply is limited compared to demand
  • organic food costs more to produce because it requires more labor, and farms tend to be small in size which means they can not reap the costs associated with economies of scale
  • Organic and conventional products need to be kept separate during processing and transport
  • Marketing and distribution of organic products have higher costs due to the lower volume

The catch-22 is that, since the demand for organic food rises, economies of scale will reduce all these costs for organic farmers, which should push down the price.

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Until then, those who want to buy organic products will have to become smart shoppers, reducing what is not needed and get the best value for your money.

How to buy organic products on a budget

Many families are as shown in the ‘Organic Effect’ YouTube video -. They find it difficult to eat organic, due to the high cost of organic food and family size

However, the old saying “ pay now or pay later ‘comes to mind when talking about the merits of organic life.

With a little planning and a little ingenuity, eat organic on a budget can be done . Of course, there will be a period of adjustment and learning a lot along the way -., But see it as a long term goal for you and your family on the road to good health

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