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How To Balance Your Armpit Bacteria To Never Smell Again (No Deodorant Required)

underarm odor is a problem most people have to deal with. Although, antiperspirants and deodorants are commonly used to combat this nasty problem, and often embarrassing, research shows that, in fact, 80% of people do not need to use these cosmetic products. What happens is that most odor when we sweat, despite the sweat itself has no particular odor, bacteria that develop in the armpit area that smacks. To be more specific, amino acids and lipids found in sweat are decomposed by bacteria thus forming a malodorous substance.

As mentioned, antiperspirants are not indispensable to the fight against body odor. The truth is that often are loaded with harsh chemicals that can do more harm in the long run.

How To Balance Your Armpit Bacteria To Never Smell Again (No Deodorant Required)

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Similar to the intestinal flora manner, armpit It has its own flora composed of beneficial bacteria. Once the balance is lost, usually as a result of some antibiotics and problematic foods that allow microbes take over the beneficial bacteria, the end result is unpleasant odor. The balance is most important when it comes to eliminate body odor naturally.

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according to a recent study, the whole body It is connected with the microbial world. For example, the intestinal microbiome is influenced significantly by eating habits and lifestyle and mood.

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Read on and find a way to keep your microbiome in balance.

# 1 Use milder soaps because most commercial soaps are loaded with SDS and SLS, eliminating the protective sebum. The fat of the skin glands produce oil protects the skin and its microflora due to the good fats it contains.

# 2 Do not use aluminum products -Laden because aluminum prevents sweating. Several studies have also linked aluminum body care products to many health problems.

# 3 Check the label because deodorants glass marketed as free aluminum, but still contain alum, which is in sulfate reality potassium aluminum . Although this does not mean they are completely free of aluminum, they are still a better alternative than most antiperspirants available on the market.

# 4 Parabens and triclosan are potent antibacterial agents having the most adverse microbial balance in the axilla impact. Eliminate the good bacteria thus destabilizing microbial flora.

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