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How to Alleviate Holiday Depression

For some people, the holidays are full of joy, but for others, they bring what is known as the holiday blues – with symptoms they may include insomnia, sadness, anxiety, headaches, digestive problems and other problems.

mood swings are often the result of a lot of stress, overeating and drinking or fatigue. With so many demands, such as shopping, cooking, taking care of guests of the house, hosting or attending parties, trips and additional financial burden, it is no wonder that holidays can worsen or even induce depression .

Fortunately, there are ways to prevent or at least alleviate the holiday blues.

Make time for exercise

Physical activity is the best antidepressant nature, and no negative side effects, just a lot of positive as better health, more energy, improved self-confidence, and more.

The choice of food good mood

Good eating habits can help you cope better with stress, prevent depression and even increase your mood. Include foods that release endorphins that help to raise levels of “happiness hormone” as the black chocolate (preferably at least 70% cocoa), strawberries, grapes, nuts and seeds.

Avoid processed foods and limit alcohol and caffeine can also help relieve symptoms of depression. If you choose to drink, not to overdo it as this will exacerbate depression.

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Do not program

Be reasonable when it comes to creating a calendar. Overbooking himself in a state of exhaustion often leads to irritability, moodiness and even depression. Establish priorities and set aside impossible goals.

You may need to simplify your holiday commitments and traditions. Have a discussion with your family about the most important traditions for you and for them and consider reassessing those who can let go.


If possible, find the time to give back to their community as volunteers to serve meals at a shelter for the homeless, visiting children who are hospitalized or the elderly in a nursing home. There are many other opportunities for community service, as it is almost impossible to feel depressed, while giving to others.

deep -respiración

Did you know that you can breathe the voltage output? Deep breathing helps relax the body, mind and spirit, helping to prevent or alleviate symptoms of depression.

To begin, sit in a comfortable chair, keeping your back straight and feet flat on the floor. Place your hands on your belly, just below the rib cage. Now inhale, drawing expanding belly breathing through the nose. You should feel your hands move slightly.

not hold your breath; keep an open mouth a bit and allow the stomach to contract, gently pushing the breath of his mouth. You repeat this for several minutes, it focuses on more than any concerns you may have breathing.

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allevaite depression If your thoughts begin to wander, let them wander back. You may want to think of them as a cloud that floats slowly away. Practice for several minutes each working day up to about 10 minutes each time.

If you still have some feelings of sadness, remember that the choice to be happy or sad it is all yours. You can choose to see the glass half full and feel more joy this holiday season, it is all up to you!

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